I can see clearly now

Arendelle 2

It’s another snowy day here in the GTA and surrounding areas.


I’m over winter.

While the kids and I keep singing a line from the song For the first time in forever from Disney’s Frozen; ”Arendelle’s in deep, deep, deep, deep snow,” I can’t help but think we too are stuck in an eternal winter.

According to my Little Bird, “it’s like Elsa and Jack Frost got together and made too much snow”.

I just think Mother Nature is pissed off!

All this snow means snow pants and boots and shovels and frozen cars and huge mountains of snow that block your vision trying to back out of the driveway.

So every morning, my wonderful husband goes outside to scrape and clean the ice and snow off his car, and so graciously cleans mine too. And while my car is nice and toasty on the inside, thanks to the remote car starter we got with the new car, he makes sure all is clean and clear on the outside.

So thanks babe! Making sure I can see clearly every day is a little thing, but it means a lot!

If you’re surrounded by an eternal winter, be sure to clear your windshield and stay safe!

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