Hi, I’m Tania. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I started this journey on the first day my eldest daughter started Junior Kindergarten, and while I was afraid to put myself out there, I needed an outlet. I’ve always been a writer, and a talker and a blog seemed to fit the bill; for my life and for my schedule.

People would describe me as straight-forward, honest and opinionated! I am fiercely loyal and somewhat stubborn. You could say I wear my heart on my forehead! I am creative, passionate and optimistic.

But don’t hold that against me!

I have a husband that loves me and two girls; a Little Mouse and a Little Bird, who are my number one fans! My heart overflows with love for them.

When I’m not busy working my day job, I am happy to live in organized chaos and am always looking for that sweet spot where work, life, home and “other” can find balance. I have to believe that spot exists, or I might as well be committed!

When I do manage to find some me time, I love to scrapbook, read and write and you could say I have a slight addiction to reality television. There is a soundtrack to my life, and I love sharing my connection to the music and moments that I love.  I sucked at science in school, but I enjoy baking and taste testing! And if a recipe involves coconut, you can be sure I’ve tried it, or pinned it to try soon! I’ve become that person who always brings the homemade dessert.


So who’s who?

I have some code names for certain people I blog about, mainly my kids and kids in my life. Here’s a list of who’s who:

Little Bird: My oldest daughter

Little Mouse: My youngest daughter

D: My husband

Sleepy: D’s oldest nephew

GamerBoy: D’s middle nephew

Paxter: D’s youngest nephew

FiremanSam: My oldest nephew

Red: My youngest nephew

Anyone else I refer to with their initial, usually. In case they wish to remain anonymous.


I invite you to come along on my journey as I share the fun and crazy things that make me laugh, cry and wonder why.

You can also follow me on FacebookTwitter or Pinterest.

Happy reading!




8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Tania, I admire your ability of not being afraid to put your opinions out there, I have no trouble with it when I’m blogging but in real life I definitely need to work on it!

    You have a lovely blog. 🙂


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