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Started in 2012, tania2atee is a blog about motherhood, wifehood and workhood. It is about finding a balance and writing the soundtrack to have them all play in harmony.
I am a storyteller, a mom and a wife. I’m a people-watcher, commuter, and full time content marketing manager. I believe every song sparks a memory and every experience is an inspiration for a new tale.
I am looking to collaborate with brands and weave a compelling story this is unique and supports their mission.

Who is tania2atee?
That’s me! I’m Tania Monaco, a working mom to two girls – my little bird and my little mouse; and wife to my supporting husband living in Vaughan, Ontario. Aside from running tania2atee, I am a journalism and marketing graduate with 15 years of marketing experience, specifically focused on content, brand, loyalty and partnerships.
You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

If you would like to work together, or request a media kit, don’t hesitate to contact me at tania2atee@gmail.com!


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  1. Hi Tania, I admire your ability of not being afraid to put your opinions out there, I have no trouble with it when I’m blogging but in real life I definitely need to work on it!

    You have a lovely blog. 🙂

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