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Welcome to my blog!

Whenever I do anything, it’s always to a specific taste. A story with those details, you can only get from me. A point of view that is my own. And I always have a point of view, an opinion and a story to tell. And that’s where tania2atee came from… when I do things, it’s ‘to a tee’.

Started in 2012, tania2atee is a blog about motherhood, wifehood and workhood and all those other hoods in my life. It is about finding a balance and writing the soundtrack to have them all play in harmony. Life isn’t perfect, but it’s always full of ways to grow, things to learn and people to love. 



I am a storyteller, a mom and a wife. I’m a people-watcher, commuter, and full time marketing manager. I believe every song sparks a memory and every experience is an inspiration for a new tale.

That’s me! I’m Tania Monaco, a working mom to two girls – who I refer to as my Little Bird (oldest) and my Little Mouse (youngest). I am a wife to my supporting husband living in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. I am a storyteller, a people watcher, commuter and full-time marketing manager. 

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I am looking to collaborate with brands and weave a compelling story this is unique and supports their mission. If you would like to work together, or request a media kit, don’t hesitate to contact me at tania2atee@gmail.com!


8 thoughts on “about me

  1. Hi Tania, I admire your ability of not being afraid to put your opinions out there, I have no trouble with it when I’m blogging but in real life I definitely need to work on it!

    You have a lovely blog. 🙂

  2. Nice to meet you, Tania. I found you over at Eli’s Six Words Post. Loving yourself more inside and out sounds like a great improvement plan. I’m gonna steal it!

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