Website me!


I have a new follower! My mom confessed today that she is reading my blog.

{Hi Mom!}

While I have read both my parents a blog post here or there, they haven’t read all of it. So the fact that she’s reading it, on my brother and sister-in-law’s iPad no less, makes me proud of her.

You see my parents aren’t too good at embracing technology. Yes, they have a DVD player, and digital TV. They even have an HD TV and cell phones.

But my mother called their phone provider to explicitly tell them that she doesn’t want texting on her phone. And when she received a bill, and there was a charge for a text message – from the phone provider no less, she not only made them reverse the 20 cents, but she received some sort of credit for the trouble.

And so, it should go without saying that they do not have a computer.

Nor are they interested in getting one.

I keep trying to tell them that the generation of kids growing up is only going to communicate via texts, but she seems to think that my kids will be different. My kids will call their grandparents on that thing that will probably be extinct in 20 years, called a land line.

So who can argue? Not me.

My father thought he would pretend once that he had internet and actually said to somebody, “website me.”

I remember slapping my forehead and shaking my head. “Dad,” I said. “If you’re going to pretend, at least use the right terminology, it’s email me. Not website me.”

To which my dad replied, “I don’t care. I didn’t want him to contact me in the first place.”

Again, who can argue?

My father’s new line is if somebody wants to get a hold of him bad enough, to send a smoke signal. I guess my kids will be able to look up instructions on how to do that on their phones, while they’re searching for a land line to call their grandparents.

I would like my parents to embrace technology a little more and maybe a tablet is the way to go for them, rather than a computer. It is user-friendly, convenient and will allow my mom to play solitaire anywhere she wants!

That may just be the ticket to convincing them.


Do your parents embrace technology?

4 responses to “Website me!”

  1. My mom took a computer course once. After spending ALL weekend at the library, trying to get the homework done, I ventured to ask what this Herculean assignment was. “OH, ” she moaned. “I have to save a file… to a DISC.”

    DAD handles the website-ing these days.


  2. When my mother was alive, I set her up with a computer, email but the very first time she used the technology just cracked me up. She phoned me because she couldn’t figure out why the mouse was not working properly. After asking a few questions, I realized she was moving the mouse in the air rather than on the mouse pad. I hung up the phone, drove over and correctly showed her how to master a mouse.


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