Music Monday: Perfect Illusion

Lady Gaga. Uttering her name will elicit one of two responses: “Love her!” Or, “Ugh. She’s too much.” I find there really isn’t an in between with her. You’re a Little Monster, or not. Yes, she is an acquired taste, pushing the envelope and all that, but I think that die-hard Madonna fans would describe … Continue reading Music Monday: Perfect Illusion

Happy 11

Wishing the love of my life a very happy 11th wedding anniversary today. You have changed my life more than you will ever realize. Thank you for your love and the life we've build with the Little Bird and the Little Mouse. I look forward to creating more memories in the years ahead. I love … Continue reading Happy 11

Me vs. the slow cooker

In my house, I do all the cooking. Well, 98.7% of it. My husband can do pasta, or chicken fingers, but if it’s anything from scratch – I’m your girl. And I’m okay with this. You see, my darling husband does all the laundry. I’m talking collecting, washing, drying, folding and putting it all away. … Continue reading Me vs. the slow cooker

Music Monday: 24K Magic

The other day, my husband and I were in the car, and this song came on the radio. My instant reaction was; “What is this? Sounds like 1985?” D later informed me that it was actually Bruno Mars’ new song; 24K Magic. So I decided to give it another chance, and it is a pretty … Continue reading Music Monday: 24K Magic

Grade 3 math

Grade 3 math homework has induced tears, foot-stomping, tantrums and screaming. And that was my reaction. We are still within the start of the school year and have multiple pages of math work almost every evening. Plus whatever else the Little Bird brings home, like Science. I learned my lesson from earlier attempts and now try to … Continue reading Grade 3 math