Happy Birthday Little Mouse! My baby turns 10!


Happy 10th birthday to my Little Mouse, my baby girl. Every year, I write a letter, celebrating you and your accomplishments.


To my dearest Little Mouse,

Happy 10th birthday! You are two WHOLE HANDS.

It’s hard to believe that you completed our family 10 years ago! You bring your own sense of humour and spunk to this family and like to make sure we’re all smiling. I am so grateful to you for that. Your easy-going nature puts a smile on everyone’s faces. Never change. Always look on the bright side, continue to spread kindness and love and laugh freely and often.

We love you so much and want to officially welcome you to the quarantine birthday club. Don’t worry, it’s fun here. People will call, friends will text and we’ll celebrate the old fashioned way with balloons, cake and some games. This past year has definitely been a struggle for everyone, and I’m proud of you for working hard and doing your best, even though we couldn’t go anywhere or see anyone. Even with online school, while there have been challenges, you have worked hard and we are proud of you for that.


Last year you enjoyed a great party with your friends and family, and I hope one day we will be able to do that again. Until then we’ll still have our homemade baking and treats to make things sweeter. And I want you to remember that regardless of HOW you celebrate, that everyone loves you.

My girl, you are super creative, and I want you to never lose your imagination. Your projects are always interesting, and your drawings are impressive. Keep pursuing and pushing yourself to learn new things, it will only make you stronger. Never let anyone wipe that smile off your face. It’s always genuine and contagious to anyone around you.

Stay optimistic and hopeful. Your outlook on life is so refreshing and beautiful. As a result, people gravitate towards you. I know that this outlook will help you in life and we see this over and over again. Never underestimate yourself; you are capable of great things and I love that you aren’t afraid to try something or help somebody else try something.

You are generous, kind, funny, smart, sensitive, caring, considerate, affectionate, resourceful, sincere, witty and charming. Protect those superpowers and use them wisely to overcome obstacles throughout your life.


Ten years ago, you did flips around my tummy for 9+ months. I craved chocolate milk and French fries when I was pregnant with you. – sometimes at the same time, and sometimes not. On this day, you decided to settle yourself into a tiny space at the top of my stomach, where nobody could reach you. After the doctors pushed you out, they handed us this tiny bundle of joy and our lives felt complete. We have never been the same since because you are so unique and such a gift to us.

Happy birthday, my sweet girl. We love you and hope you enjoy your day!




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