6 cookie recipes you’ll find on my table during the holidays

I love to bake. I have fond memories of both my Nonna’s baking cakes and cookies and couldn’t wait to get in there with them to make their delicious recipes. Of course, like most of the older generation, they didn’t follow a recipe, per say. It was a handful of flour, or a small glass … More 6 cookie recipes you’ll find on my table during the holidays

Anna’s Banana Bread

Banana bread is good every day of the week. Especially my mother-in-law’s recipe… … More Anna’s Banana Bread

School lunch lunacy

I know it’s summer and school is out. I’m super-happy that I don’t need to make lunches until September. I only need to worry about myself. Which is nice for a change. I’m a mom of a soon to be first and fourth grader. So I would not consider myself a rookie mom any longer. … More School lunch lunacy

Mommy’s Mac and Cheese

I’m not a food blogger. I don’t have pretty plates or the right lighting and don’t stage my food. But I still like to share a good looking or delicious plate of food with my Instagram followers. More often than not, I’m sharing my baking adventures. The other day I made macaroni and cheese for … More Mommy’s Mac and Cheese

Me vs. the slow cooker

In my house, I do all the cooking. Well, 98.7% of it. My husband can do pasta, or chicken fingers, but if it’s anything from scratch – I’m your girl. And I’m okay with this. You see, my darling husband does all the laundry. I’m talking collecting, washing, drying, folding and putting it all away. … More Me vs. the slow cooker