Happy 10th birthday, Little Bird!

To my Little Bird, I like butterflies. I respect and appreciate the transformation that occurs for a butterfly to emerge from its cocoon. There must be growth, and the passing of time, or a caterpillar can’t change into that butterfly. I have realized that the caterpillar is you. And on the eve of you're 10th … Continue reading Happy 10th birthday, Little Bird!

The power of self-help books

I love a good story, and so I tend to stick to the fiction section of the book store or library. I love to get drawn into a book with complicated characters, plot twists, and a captivating dialogue. A good story is a good story, and I love to lose myself in a good book … Continue reading The power of self-help books

39, plus shipping and handling

How do you feel about getting older? My views on the forties...

Anna’s Banana Bread

Banana bread is good every day of the week. Especially my mother-in-law's recipe...

Egg-cited about Easter

Do you still believe in the Easter bunny?