2020 Holiday gift guide for the little – and big kids in your life.

Christmas tree with ribbon, tag, scissors and bows

2020 has certainly not been easy. But as hard as it is, and as different as it might be, I wanted to share with you my 2020 Holiday Gift Guide for the little and big kids in your life, in the hopes to making shopping for the people on your list, as easy as possible.

All the items on my lists, have been easily grouped for you, and contain items I love and, in some cases, even use.

Note: some of the items on my list were gifted, however the opinions and recommendations are my own. I would never recommend something if I didn’t stand behind it. There are no affiliate links in this post.

Now let’s get to it…..the latest and greatest toys from Hasbro

For the littles

Play-Doh has always been a favourite in our house. I remember receiving a barber shop as a kid, where I pumped Play-Doh through the people, cut their hair and shaved their beards. It’s always so much fun and this Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Candy Delights playset is perfect for kids 3 and up. They can make gummy bears, candy bars and candy cups in any colour combination they can think of!

fur-Real Moodwings Baby Dragon is the perfect toy for those kids looking to take care of a pet. With over 50 sounds and movements, this little creature is full of surprises and is great for kids 4 and up. Kids can feed her, see her moods with her colour-changing eyes and tummy and soon be able to interact with her.

The littles on your list often don’t care for much, but I think it’s always great to spark their imagination and encourage their love of reading. Books are always on my list for the kids, and Stop Reading this Book by Toronto-local children’s author Caroline Fernandez is funny for kids of all ages, as the book judges the reader. Or check out Fernandez’ latest book The Adventures of Grandmasaurus, a wonderful tale of one grandma, some magic museum dust and a school field trip. Supporting local authors is always a great idea.

For the princess lovers

Hasbro has released the Disney Princess Comfy Squad dolls, which you may recognize from the movie Ralph Breaks the Internet. My kids loved the scene when Venellope meets the princesses, and they are all just hanging out in their comfy clothes. These adorable dolls capture the princesses just as they are in the movie, with their casual clothes and modern-day accessories.

Frozen 2 may have been released last year, but the fever hasn’t gone down yet. Hasbro has a large selection of Disney Frozen Musical Adventure dolls, including Elsa which sings Show Yourself. Perfect for your Frozen loving kids.

For the superheros-in-training

Superheros are always a favourite in our house, and Spider-Man: Venom Titan Hero series action figures are always ready to battle it out. Check out Venom, Miles Morales and Ghost-Spider which are great for boys and girls looking for some web-slinging fun!

Star Wars Mission Fleet Gear Class is a selection of vehicles featuring a favourite character from the movie franchise. Kids can recreate their favourite battles for the galaxy and a great way to roleplay many adventures in both the darkside and the light!

Finally, a favourite from my childhood is Transformers. The battle for Cybertron is alive and well with Cyberverse Adventures Battle Call action figures such as Bumblebee and Megatron who are always ready to transform and battle each other.

For the tweens/teens

The tween and teens on your list might be a little harder to buy for. My advice is to look at hobbies and interests.

First up, are books. This Track Series paperback collection by Jason Reynolds is a great series about running, but shares lessons on friendships, commitment, family, class, diversity and school and teenage conflicts. There are four books in the series, named after each main character, including Ghost, Patina, Sunny, and Lu. Perfect for the tweens in your life.

If your tweens and teens are like mine, they love to make their own videos and make up TikTok dances, and this Selfie ring light with cellphone holder and adjustable arm by UBeesize can come in handy for just that. Easily attach their smartphone to the holder and clamp the ring light to a desk or chair, and they can easily make videos hands free!

Music is always good to inspire young minds, and why not make sure their wireless speaker is cute too! These adorable wireless speakers by My Audio Pet are cute and affordable.

It’s never too early to start a good skincare routine. I like to keep in mind their growing and skin and hormones, and opt for clean skincare wherever possible. There is a huge selection to choose from at most retailers, and this A Perfect World Moisturizer also has SPF 40, which will help protect their skin from the sun.

Lip gloss is a must also and a great stocking stuffer. Check out beauty lines like Essence for affordable options such as their Shine Lipglosses.

If you are looking to spend more, an Apple Watch is a great option. They will never miss a call, or message and can easily stay in touch and track their activity – and sleep, right from their watch.

I have yet to meet a tween or teen without an earbud sticking out of their ears. And so you might as well make them pretty. Happy Plugs offer a variety of options and colours for those tweens and teens on your list!

Finally, jewellery is always a nice idea, regardless of their age. A nice pair of earrings, or necklace that they can keep for a long time, such as these Reversible huggies silver hoops from Stella & Dot.

For the family

When the weather outside is frightful, there’s nothing better to curl up with some hot cocoa and play a board game!

Clue Liars Edition is the lastest way for you to brush up on your detective skills. Players have 6 Lie cards and 6 Truth cards to help them solve the case. You have to put on your best poker face to convince others that you’re telling the truth, but if someone doesn’t believe you , they can hit the Liar Button! Clue Liars Edition is a great family game of deceit and who-done it. Can you solve the case?

Deer Pong features Bucky the Stag, a joke-telling deer who will do anything to distract players as they try to land three balls into his antler cups. You never know what Bucky will say next, as he moves his mouth, tells jokes and plays music. Don’t get distracted, as you race to be the first team to fill your cups.

Monopoly Super Electronic Banking board game is like your classic Monopoly, but with no cash! Players have a bank card and electronic banking unit to track everyone’s earnings. You can still buy property, collect rent and collect $200 when you pass GO, but all without handling the cold, hard cash! Players can also fly to any property and force another player into trading. And like any good Monopoly game, whoever has the most money at the end of the game is the winner!

So if you haven’t started shopping yet, don’t fret! With some of these great suggestions, I know you’ll find the perfect gift for all the kids in your life, big and little.

Happy shopping!

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