A letter to my Little Bird on your 12th birthday.

Happy birthday, Little Bird! Every year I write a letter to my kids on their birthday, to celebrate how far they’ve come, remind them how awesome they are and to help them see what they’ve accomplished. See my letter to my Little Bird for her twelfth birthday.

To my Little Bird,

Twelve years ago, you changed my life. You made me a mom and showed me that I could love in a way I never knew before. You will never know, until you have kids of your own, what it feels like to love in this way. To watch you grow up, and find your voice, your strengths, your passions and your sense of humour, has been my pleasure and honour. You make me proud to be your mom every day.

And now you are twelve!

It’s the year before you are officially a teenager. And it’s been a crazy year!

You’ve learned lessons about friendship, and gone outside your comfort zone to make new friends. You showed me that when you want something, you are willing to work for it. You are sensitive and loving and care for your family and friends and I hope that never changes. You are a role model to your sister, and I love when you two hang out and have your secret talks and closed-door sessions. The bond you two have is so beautiful and always remember that she has your back, no matter what.

You learned that people can be mean sometimes, and are not always going to support you. But always remember for that one person who is trying to hold you back, there are five more trying to help you succeed. Focus on those who are trying to help you. Look for the good, instead of focusing on the negative. And remember, despite the situation with band, you still got to perform and we are so proud of you for the courage and hard work that it takes to do that. You are a star!

You are sensitive and caring and always worried about what somebody thinks. Remember that you are also strong, and smart and creative and you can solve any problem if you put your mind to it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, or say no if something doesn’t feel right. Always speak your mind, in a polite and respectful way.

School work may not be your favourite thing to do in the world, but we have noticed that you have improved so much. Your ability to problem solve and get your work done shows in your grades. And while the ending of this school year may not be what we all hoped for, I’m proud of you!

Your favourite foods include tacos, chicken wings, cheeseburgers and eggplant parmigiana. Of course, you’ve always loved vegetables, and still do and I never have to negotiate with you to eat them. Your favourite snacks include sour candies, salt and vinegar chips and vanilla ice cream.

Like most tween girls, you love make up and skin care and have quite the collection already. Always remember that you are beautiful just the way you are, inside and out. And makeup is a fun way to express yourself, but don’t get too caught up in changing your appearance. Also, I know you sneak some of my stuff, but no sharing eye brushes or mascara!

You love to bury yourself in a book, and will often read many of your books again and again. You love the Harry Potter movies (which make us so happy!) and have started liking the teen dramas that we are watching, including Mean Girls and Clueless.

Here are some additional fun facts about you:

  • You love lipgloss and mascara
  • You love Toby (your cousin’s dog)
  • You still are not a fan of chocolate cake
  • You take very good care of your things and have always been neat and tidy (everything has a place)
  • You love to sing, but only when nobody is around (in your room, when you’re drying your hair, etc.)
  • You will try anything once, and like more foods than daddy or I (including seafood)
  • Your laugh is infectious and your heart is so big
  • You love your sister and I hope you always remember she is your best friend, no matter what.

I know this birthday isn’t what you hoped for, being stuck at home and not being able to have your friends over, but know that we will try to make it as special as possible for you. We love you so much and I promise to make some of your favourite things so you can enjoy your day.

Happy 12th birthday, my Little Bird. Even though you are a tween bird, you’ll always be my little bird. I hope you are able to feel the love from your friends and family around you. Daddy, the Little Mouse and I love you very much and can’t wait to see all the things you accomplish next year! Remember that the world is yours and never be afraid to take chances and speak up for yourself and always love fully.

Love mommy,


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