Happy Birthday Little Mouse! My letter on your ninth birthday.

Happy birthday Little Mouse! Every year I write a letter to my kids for their birthday. See my letter to my Little Mouse on the eve of her ninth birthday.

little girl wearing glasses and posing with her hand under her chin

My sweet Little Mouse,

I think I am in a bit of shock that you are turning nine. It’s the last year of your “single digits” and you seem to be so much older to me now that I want to admit.

Where is my baby girl?!

ou always have a smile on your face! And your happiness is contagious to all you meet. You are silly and you own it! You love to pose, make silly faces and always, always, always have a story to tell, filled with lots of detail and excitement!

Many, many details!

May you never lose that part of you. That excitement and enthusiasm for life. Carry it with you and bring it out when times get hard, because it is always good to see the glass as half full.

You are always nose down in a book, but it’s not always for reading. Instead, you are usually sketching and drawing. Watching you create beautiful works of art is incredible. And I know you are hard on yourself sometimes, thinking your drawing doesn’t look like the doll you have, or the image you’re looking at, but try to go easier on yourself. It’s a lot better than you give yourself credit for. Feed that passion and keep doing what you love.

little girl wearing glassing playing bingo

All of your teachers have always said you are a pleasure to teach. You are always first to raise your hand to give an answer or participate in something in class. You are a ham and a talker and a performer. You love attention and are not afraid to be yourself. Keep that zeal and stay true to you.

You are a people pleaser, and are quick to apologize if you’ve hurt somebody’s feelings. It is incredible to watch you love with your whole heart. You are sensitive and caring and always look out for your family and friends. What an amazing quality to have.

Watching you grow up has been my pleasure. You have always been an early riser (which we don’t always enjoy) but you wake up ready to face the world. It’s often with a song or dance; a funny face or a pose, but it’s with positive delight and it leaves a smile on our faces.

two sisters posing outside covered in snow

Always look out for your sister, even if she is older than you. Your ease and carefree nature is good for her and those around you. Never shy away from the things you love and always try your hardest. Be kind to everyone and change the world!

Fun facts about you

  • You love dogs, and especially Toby (your cousin’s dog) and refer to him as your dog!
  • Your favourite thing is to play with your sister
  • Your favourite shows are The Loud House, Gravity Falls and Teen Titans
  • You enjoy eating pizza and pasta and the macaroni and cheese from Fortino’s
  • You are obsessed with LOL Surprise dolls and any other collectible doll or toy
  • You are an artist and love to draw! You have books full of amazing pictures you’ve drawn or coloured
  • You know all of the words to the top 40 songs on the radio, including Lizzo’s Truth Hurts (censoring out the bad words, thanksgoodness!)
  • You can’t wait to have your own phone (that works) and get Instagram and TikTok!
  • You are obsessed with slime (much to mommy’s displeasure)

Happy birthday Little Mouse. You make me so proud every day. Daddy and your sister and I love you very much and can’t wait to see what you accomplish this year!

Enjoy your party and your presents, and most of all the many blessings of your friends and family.



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