Sayonara Grade 3

Sayonara Grade 3. It’s been a blast!

Some of you might remember the tears, the frustration and the battle we were having with the Little Bird at the start of the school year, most specifically related to Grade 3 math. After a few of these battles, and hours and hours of homework, I went looking for strategies.

I wanted my girl to succeed, to not feel overwhelmed and most of all, not to have a disdain for math. So, after talking to a few friends, and looking for some support online, it seemed like the universe was speaking to me when a local mom group posted about a tutoring company with rave reviews.

So, I called them.

Amanda, the owner at Prestige Tutoring understood my struggle and worked with me to choose the best options to help my Little Bird. She started by pairing her with some great tutors, who helped with my daughter through her homework and provided her strategies in a one-on-one and quiet environment.

It’s amazing how your kids listen to everyone but you, and when it comes to trying to understand the math; she listened. She learned how to do the work, and feel confident enough to start participating in class.

When it came time for parent-teacher interviews in November, her teacher told me that she had already seen a difference in her and agreed to work with me to ensure her success. That included her sending me a note home each week to confirm what they were working on in class, or what was coming up, so the tutor could start preparing her. We also discussed her confidence and her participating in class, which seemed to be happening more regularly.

Each week we met with her great tutor, with no arguing or fighting to go. I get more pleading to skip swimming classes than I ever did for tutoring, which meant she liked it. She had fun, she was learning and doing well on her tests and that was all I could ask for.

Probability Test

It wasn’t only math that Prestige Tutoring helped her with. We brought science homework and they helped to prepare her for a few tests. When it was time to write a speech, her tutor helped her with that too! She got to practice it in front of the tutor and then if front of Amanda and a couple of high school kids and she was ready! She did well on the oral part of the speech, her delivery just needed to be louder, as the teacher indicated she spoke very softly. But overall the speech was well written and very informative.

But no matter how confident she was growing, and how much she was learning, there was a dark shadow that followed her around. And that dark shadow was the EQAO test, the province wide assessment of reading, writing and math! She was so scared of this test, and I’m not even sure why. I guess it sounds intimidating, as I would bet she couldn’t even tell you what EQAO stood for.

No matter how much reassurance I tried to give her, she couldn’t even talk about it, that’s how nervous she was. So, when I heard that they were offering an EQAO weekend workshop, I signed her up! She didn’t love the idea of going to tutoring for two hours on a Saturday and a Sunday, however we explained that understanding what would be on the test, would only help her to be calm about, quell her nerves and know what was expected of her.

She ended up loving it! She got her own binder, and they went through all aspects of the test, including short form and long form answers, how to properly formulate sentences and read a question to understand what is being asked. The practice that she received made her so confident that she said the practice questions the teacher started giving her in class were “so easy!”

One day she came home so excited to share that after doing some EQAO practice tests that day, the teacher showed the whole class that the only student to answer the long form question correctly was her! She was super proud of herself, telling me that “Amanda said if there are four lines, you should fill the four lines.”

This happened a couple of times, where the teacher pointed out that the Little Bird showed her work properly and wrote her answers out in a way that was expected. The teacher even used one of the Little Bird’s answers as an example on the board fo the whole class to see!

That confidence was something I couldn’t give her.

Finally, the days of EQAO testing were over and I asked her, “Well, how did it go?”

“Oh mom, it was so easy!” she replied.

So easy!

Her tests came home week after week with improved marks, and I could see that the answers she missed, or got wrong, and we knew what to work on. She had a great grasp on math, and her other subjects, and that showed with the As she received on her tests!

Tutoring is paused now until we start again in September. She worked hard, and now it’s time to enjoy the summer. But I am happy knowing that the support and guidance we received from her tutor  is only going to help make her a more confident student.

And that’s all a mom can ask for!

If you have a student struggling with any subject, in any grade, give Amanda at Prestige Tutoring a call at 416-906-8848. You won’t be disappointed.



*This is not a sponsored post and I was not compensated. These opinions are strictly my own.

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