First day of school: Let’s start grade 3 & 6

Oh, what a summer it’s been! We had a great time spending lots of time together as a family and soaked in every second we could as a family.

But, the inevitable is upon us – the first day of school!

This year was different. There wasn’t really any nervousness, or hesitation as we got closer to today, which made me happy. These two were ready to go!



But there was a quiet that took over breakfast, where neither of them spoke. I quietly stood aside and listened to them speak about how they hoped their friends are would be in their class. Then it was time to go. They let me take 64 pictures (approximately), and we walked to school. (Or rather, I trailed behind them as they hurried to see their friends).


So after class lists went up, they seemed happy to be where they are, even though the Little Mouse is in a split 3/4 class (again!) I got a wave goodbye from both of them and I walked home, feeling proud and happy for the start of a new school year!

My hopes for the new year are almost always the same. But I can’t help but feel a little nervous for them this year. Grades three and six are pivotal years, and I remember them being more challenging. So I hope they both try their hardest, and push themselves out of their comfort zones. I hope they build bonds and stand up for themselves and their friends around them.

I hope my Little Mouse finds her way in grade three, pushing herself to work harder and learn more. I hope she learns not to worry about EQAO testing, and focus on herself. May she continue to ask questions, and keep her sense of wonder and her wicked sense of humour. There will be more homework this year, and I hope she still tackles it with the same excitement and drive as she did last year. She’s a great student, talkative and fun and I hope that the changes of grade three only make her stronger and smarter!

I hope my Little Bird has another successful year. I hope she continues to push herself and work hard. I hope she doesn’t get caught up in drama and continues to build on the bonds she has and makes new friends along the way. I hope she is able to stay confident in herself – and I say that because we’re now at the age when boys and girls become aware of themselves. That awareness can make these tweens draw into themselves, or act out. So I hope she knows she can talk to me about anything and is able to remain confident and strong. She will be challenged in new ways, not just academically. I know she can rise to the top. She’s a great student, hard working and helpful, and I hope the challenges of grade 6 only help to shape her into the amazing young person she is becoming.

They both make me proud to be their mom. I watch their interactions with friends, the road they both take to solving problems, and the relationships they build with their teachers and so far their school careers have been successful. I hope they continue to flourish and grow and learn.

I also wish the teachers the best of luck with their new classes. And may the 2019/2020 school year be as successful as last year! May the students remember to be kind and helpful; ask questions and challenge the status quo. May they work hard, stick together and study hard! And please eat your lunch everyday.

Happy first day of school!

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