Somewhere along the way: How life changed in 2020

Daring myself to push harder and how life changed in 2020, but somewhere along the way I have the faith it will all work itself out. … More Somewhere along the way: How life changed in 2020

7 lessons from 7 years of blogging

Sharing my story on how I reached my 7 year blogging anniversary and how you can start a blog too! … More 7 lessons from 7 years of blogging

I’m bored

Last week, here in Ontario, the kids were on March Break. That meant every activity you can think of was packed to the rafters with parents and kids, trying to keep their kids busy for the week. I didn’t take any time off this year, and because I am able to work from home a … More I’m bored

Unkind reflections

I have grown up with issues with my feet. I probably didn’t help myself by buying and wearing cheap, fashionable shoes, but there was no way in hell I was going to wear sensible shoes in my twenties. So, I paid the price for those choices and have learned my lessons. Heels are not a … More Unkind reflections


The other day my husband pointed out a phone booth; a rare sight, nowadays. The Little Bird asked what it was, and D explained that there was a time when not everyone had a cell phone, or that even there was a time where those didn’t exist. After the shock and awe of such a … More #socialmom