Every Note Played: Book Review

Lisa Genova is one of my favourite authors. Her books are the kind of books that ingrain themselves into the folds of your mind and stay with you for a long time. That could have to do with the fact that she is a neuroscientist, but her ability to write words that connect to your … More Every Note Played: Book Review

Rich People Problems: Book Review

…the head of the family is on her last breathe, and the remaining families are trying to jockey for control and the top prize. … More Rich People Problems: Book Review

Wonder: Book Review

  I’ve more than dipped my toe into Young Adult fiction lately and I’m realizing that my initial hesitation was that it would be too “young”. I am learning that I’m wrong. There is much to be discovered from a good YA book. I mean, I grew up reading it. Some of my fondest memories … More Wonder: Book Review

Thirteen Reasons Why: Review

All I have heard about lately is people debating Netflix’s latest binge-worthy show Thirteen Reasons Why and since I don’t have Netflix, I thought I would read the book. Make my own judgement about the story. I’ll start by saying that Jay Asher’s story is a good one. It’s well written and the plot was good. I … More Thirteen Reasons Why: Review

The Migraine Mafia: Book review

The Migraine Mafia is a funny, well-written book about Viive, a hard-working go-getter who suffers from migraines. I could not only relate to Viive, as I have suffered migraines myself, but I could see myself being friends with her. Viive’s illness is woven effortlessly into the story as she takes on a very strong-willed and … More The Migraine Mafia: Book review