Music Monday: Mr. Vain

Not long ago I went for dinner with an old friend of mine. I met her in high school, where we both admit that we didn’t really like each other off the bat. (I thought she was a know-it-all and she thought I was a big mouth!) In fact, it wasn’t until grade 12 when … More Music Monday: Mr. Vain

Nonno Fabio

Growing up, Halloween was always spent at my grandparents’ house, because we lived in a condo which didn’t allow us to go trick or treating, but mainly because it was my aunt’s birthday on Halloween, and my Nonno’s birthday on November 1st. So every year, my parents would pick us up from school and we … More Nonno Fabio

Flowers, Cake, Family & Courage

What a weekend! While I often wish I had (a few) extra days after a weekend; going back to work after a long weekend is really hard. Especially, when the weekend was so amazing! Flowers… Saturday was Valentine’s day, and we spent most of it tackling the set-up of our new spare bedroom-slash-office, I also … More Flowers, Cake, Family & Courage

Snowman mash-up

The tree is up. The stockings have been hung. The Advent calandar have 3 days open so far. (They get to open the day’s door after dinner) The lists for Santa have been written and mailed. Let the countdown begin! To say the kids are excited is an understatement. They couldn’t contain themselves when D … More Snowman mash-up

Condo living

I was having a conversation the other day, and the person I was speaking to said kids should grow up in a house, versus a condo or apartment, because they miss out on a lot. I disagreed with her. I grew up living in a condo. Life was good. I didn’t understand what it meant … More Condo living