Inside my reflection

Seeing how my girls love themselves and how we need to love ourselves more. … More Inside my reflection

Pedal onwards

Sometimes I think I’ve failed as a parent. (Okay, maybe more than sometimes). I mean my kids are clean, well-mannered and get along most of the time. But we are two weeks into summer vacation and I’ve heard I’m bored more times than I can count. I know we don’t live in 1983 anymore. Kids … More Pedal onwards

Getting a ticket

I am so proud of my Little Bird. She has come a long, long way in swimming lessons. As I wrote earlier this year, this was her fifth go at Preschool 3. We had changed community centres, in the hopes that a new teacher would inspire her to do something different. She even had a male … More Getting a ticket

The road of life (skills)

Being a parent is hard work. Don’t worry; I’m not going to start listing all the things we do as parents, because that’s not the hard part – or rather, the hardest part. The hardest part is trying to ensure your kids learn life skills; the types of skills that will be ingrained in them, … More The road of life (skills)

Moms just need to stick together

WAHM. SAHM. WFHM. Are you familiar with these terms? They are acronyms, labels if you will, for moms and you can find them in twitter profiles, Facebook status’ and blog “About Me” pages. We add these tags to help others identify with us. We seek others who have the same four letters. Work At Home … More Moms just need to stick together