I am certainly no expert when it comes to the “school routine”, with it being only a week and a half in….however I can say that in that short time, I have learned a lot. My four year old is giving me a run for my money. I wonder some days who she is? And where the lovely, passionate, chatty burst of sunshine went!? Here are the lessons I’ve learned so far:

  1. Before school meltdowns are becoming the norm. My independent, strong-willed little Taurus likes to do things her way. B.S.S., (Before School Started) she would get up and get dressed on her own. She loved to pick her clothes and define her own style. O.S.S., (Once School Started) she seems to be in a constant funk, tired and confrontational about putting on her uniform. She doesn’t want my help, but doesn’t want me to leave either. The morning battle is turning ugly. Nobody wins really, but at least she isn’t going to school naked. Lesson: Have more patience with her.

  2. Afterschool meltdowns are becoming the norm. It was quite the shock to me when one day we got home from school and she had a complete and utter meltdown while changing out of her uniform and into her favourite shorts and t-shirt. I thought she hurt herself, by the way she was crying. I didn’t know what was going on. Trying to help her made it worse, but she also didn’t want me to leave her alone….I didn’t know what to do. Of course by the time we finally made it downstairs and I unpacked her lunch bag, I realized that she was not only tired, but hungry as she didn’t eat her lunch or snacks. I’d be a miserable monster too! Lesson: Have more patience with her.

  3. The Breakfast Challenge. She doesn’t want to eat, but she wants to eat. I offer her the option of eating at the before/after school program. She can eat with her friends, sleep in a little longer, but alas, she isn’t interested. We still need to work on this one. Lesson: Have more patience with her.

  4. The Lunch Challenge. I ask her what she wants, and she ends up bringing it back home. Shrugging her shoulders when I ask her why she didn’t eat her lunch. I make something without consultation, and it gets eaten. Fruit is a challenge all its own, since my daughter seems to prefer broccoli to apples, but I still put something in there. It inevitably comes back home, but I am still going to try. Sort of the same way I do with my 19 month old, eventually she’ll eat it, right? Right? Lesson: Have more patience with her.

  5. The talk. No not that talk…the discussion after school, around the dinner table about how school was. I get nothing. Well, that’s not entirely true. I ask, “So, how was school today?” And I get “I don’t know,” or “Good.” Period. Nothing else. So I pry and ask “What did you do today?” And I get “I don’t know.” “Nothing.” Now, I’m pretty sure the teacher didn’t do “nothing”. I’m sure she had a packed lesson plan and plenty of activities; however my daughter doesn’t think they are a big deal or just doesn’t want to talk. I am not prying and waiting for her to open up, but my usual chatterbox is quiet as a mouse. Could be due to #2. Lesson: Have more patience with her.

So the bottom line is I need to be more patient. We’re only a week in, so I guess she’ll open up eventually and get used to the routine. If not, we’re going to have a very long school year!

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