Still Thankful

The leftovers are slowly disappearing from the fridge, and it’s starting to feel comfortable again in pants with real waistbands. I can’t help but think that the past weekend flew by so quickly. Yes, it was a long weekend, but with running from house to house, eating lunch and more dessert than one should probably eat, suddenly it’s Wednesday afternoon and the week is half over!

Although the weekend flew by, I did reflect on how lucky I am for the gifts God has given me. I am thankful for my health. For the past few months I have been having a hard time with bursitis. I’ve tried all the treatments you can try, including ART (Active Release Therapy), Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy and meds. Finally I decided to do a cortisone injection – well, I didn’t decide it, a doctor did. Lucky me, I got to have one in each hip. That was done two weeks ago, and while I was sitting around the table, I realized that I feel better. I hope it has reduced the swelling and stays that way, so I can run around with my kids, and go for long walks, and not worry about my legs hurting anymore.

I am thankful for my family. My “Rock” (aka my husband), who is my best friend, my soul mate, my funny guy. He’s been there for me in more ways than one. He supports my crazy ideas, my not so crazy ones. He laughs at my jokes, shakes his head at my plans and eats everything I cook. He is an amazing father and a very supportive son. He is a hard worker and although I like to ‘bust his chops’ every once in a while about how neat he is, I guess I shouldn’t complain, since I’m the messy one. He’s amazing and I love him very much.

I am thankful for my “little bird” (aka my four year old daughter), who has adjusted to school nicely and seems to have settled in. She talks about her friends and her teachers and loves to play with her cousins and sister. She is quite the budding comedienne, loves to sing and like her father, has an affinity for all things in their place. Again, NOT complaining….she does put her toys away.

I am thankful for my “little mouse” (aka my 20 month old daughter), who yes, fights me to eat everything, but is the easiest going, happiest kid I know. She doesn’t sleep in past 6 a.m. usually, however she loves to dance, follow her sister around and as I discovered on the weekend, has quite the sweet tooth. (She literally grabbed a brownie right out of my mother’s hand as she was passing it to me, and ate the whole thing.) Hmmmm…I wonder where she gets that from?!

I know we all need a moment to stop and think once in a while, as it’s easy to run through life on auto-pilot. But Thanksgiving gives us that opportunity, even the middle of an over-crowded table, with food all around you, to stop and look around and take it all in. I sort of likened it to my wedding day…I had to keep telling myself to stop and pay attention. Stop and look around. Stop and remember how I felt. I did that this past weekend too….and it’s nice to stop and be thankful. I have to remind myself to that more often.

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