Happy 11th birthday to the Little Bird – the one who made me a mom!

You made me a mommy. You changed our lives forever, and I am so grateful for you. You are my rainbow baby and blessing that I thank my lucky stars for every day! … More Happy 11th birthday to the Little Bird – the one who made me a mom!

Happy 7th birthday, Little Mouse

A letter to my Little Mouse for her 7th birthday… … More Happy 7th birthday, Little Mouse

School lunch lunacy

I know it’s summer and school is out. I’m super-happy that I don’t need to make lunches until September. I only need to worry about myself. Which is nice for a change. I’m a mom of a soon to be first and fourth grader. So I would not consider myself a rookie mom any longer. … More School lunch lunacy

Sayonara Grade 3

Sayonara Grade 3. It’s been a blast! Some of you might remember the tears, the frustration and the battle we were having with the Little Bird at the start of the school year, most specifically related to Grade 3 math. After a few of these battles, and hours and hours of homework, I went looking … More Sayonara Grade 3

Disney2017 – Part 4

Our last and final day at the parks with upon us, and the last 24 hours proved a bit challenging. It turns our GamerBoy didn’t feel well all the day before at Hollywood Studios, but didn’t say anything, and L ended up taking him to the hospital for some medication for a chest infection. D … More Disney2017 – Part 4