Happy 11th birthday to the Little Bird – the one who made me a mom!

My Little Bird,

Today you turn 11. Eleven!?

You made me a mommy. You changed our lives forever, and I am so grateful for you. You are my rainbow baby and blessing that I thank my lucky stars for every day!

My girl, you are determined and considerate. You have the best sense of humour and love to express yourself. I see how much you love to sing and how that passion is lit inside you. I love watching that passion grow stronger, along with your confidence to try more, and put yourself out there more.

Band performance


You are our thinker. You often contemplate life and situations and I’ve learned I can’t push you to tell me what it is you’re thinking about. You will come around in your own time, and in your own way.

Some of my favourite times with you are in our drives to tutoring, where I’ll turn down the radio and you tell me about school, your friends and what you think of life. I sometimes wish the drive was longer, so we could keep talking.

I love that you’re not afraid to try anything food-wise. You have never been a picky eater, willing to try seafood and veggies without a second thought. This is how you got named The Little Bird as you were always coming over, mouth open, to try whatever it was I was eating. If I had to choose, your favourites are ribs, sushi and salad. You prefer salt to sweet, and love sour over everything else; including pickles, salt and vinegar chips and sour keys.

You love your sister, and are so kind and caring to her, especially if she isn’t feeling well. You even asked to spend your own money to buy her a birthday present this year, which I thought was so sweet.

My Little Bird

You like your quiet time and often have about three books on the go at any given time. You love to craft, often making bracelets for everyone. You like make-up and doing your hair, and I can see the teen in you emerging…. only 2 more years to 13! Eek!

We’ve had some scares with allergic reactions, and I think you’re just as worried about it as we are. But you’re being very responsible and keeping us informed about when and where it happens. Hopefully we find out some answers soon.

While you don’t love to hug and snuggle as much as your sister, you still like to be close by, such as sitting right beside us when we watch a movie. You still even let me hold your hand, and kiss you goodbye, although sometimes it’s not allowed at school…because you know, it’s not cool to kiss your mom at school!

You are a huge help at home, you like to set and clear the table (okay, well if I’m being honest, you prefer to clear, vs set, but you do both) and you also like to help prep dinner; cutting veggies and helping to cook. I am going to have to start letting you do more of that.

You are definitely a tween…we feel the wrath of fluctuating emotions and the tug of war growing up is having on you. I hope you stay a kid for as long as possible, not because I don’t want you to grow up, but because the world is a crazy one, and if you can be shielded, or blissfully unaware of that for longer, that would make me happy. But since I know the reality is, you won’t, I just want you to remember to always be yourself. Never compromise your dreams for anyone. Always reach for higher than you think you deserve, because you deserve the moon! Work hard, because nothing comes to those who don’t try. Be kind, even to those who aren’t kind to you. Show the world how talented and special, how sympathetic and funny and how loving and generous you are.

Throwing confetti at the Happy Place pop-up event

Thank you for making me a mom. It’s the hardest and best job I’ve ever had. And one I wouldn’t trade for the world!

Happy birthday, my love. I hope all your dreams and wishes come true today and always. May eleven special and have a wonderful year!


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