Why dating my husband needs to be a priority

The idea of a date night once a month sounds like an amazing idea. However, it rarely comes to fruition. As working parents, both my husband and I commute into the city on a daily basis (or almost daily, as I can work from home a couple times per week). But it still means the … More Why dating my husband needs to be a priority

Wonder: Book Review

  I’ve more than dipped my toe into Young Adult fiction lately and I’m realizing that my initial hesitation was that it would be too “young”. I am learning that I’m wrong. There is much to be discovered from a good YA book. I mean, I grew up reading it. Some of my fondest memories … More Wonder: Book Review

Pedal onwards

Sometimes I think I’ve failed as a parent. (Okay, maybe more than sometimes). I mean my kids are clean, well-mannered and get along most of the time. But we are two weeks into summer vacation and I’ve heard I’m bored more times than I can count. I know we don’t live in 1983 anymore. Kids … More Pedal onwards

My evening with Sister Mediums

I believe in spirit. I believe that there are signs from spirit all around us. I believe that my Nonna E often comes to visit me, in the form of a white butterfly. I believe that occasionally, when I get a whiff of Pears soap and it’s a sign from my Nonna A just saying … More My evening with Sister Mediums

Getting ready to take flight

The cutest little invitation came home the other day, addressed to mom and dad. We are invited to the Little Bird’s SK Graduation. [Queue tears] I know she is growing up; she reminds us every day that she isn’t a little girl anymore. But it’s crazy to think that it’s already here. It feels like … More Getting ready to take flight