Ritzy Rollerz review – Why I’ll always choose cute and collectible toys over electronics.

Assortment of Ritzy Rollerz miniature car collectible toys and playset

Tiny accessories – check.

Miniature cars with cute names and different features – check.

Secret surprises – check. And everything is collectible and interchangeable? You had my kids’ attention from the start!

Recently, TOMY Toys introduced a new line of vehicle-based, collectible toys called Ritzy Rollerz. And my kids loved them from the moment they laid eyes on them!

These little cars come in a variety of styles and colours, and each have different textures, patterns and features, like real hair, chrome and fur! The girls got to try them out and fell in love with the little charms that come with each one. They get 12 charms with each Ritzy Rollerz, that allows them to change up the look of each character.

Assortment of Ritzy Rollerz miniature car collectible toy with charms and trunk

The best part is, those charms can be stored in the booty trunk!

My girls are 8 and 11 years old, and I was a bit worried they might be too old to play with them. But it is because of the fact that they are all different, and collectible, that makes it so appealing. They loved looking at all the charms. Also, I think it is because they are older that they actually understand what to do with all the components, and keep them safely stored inside the trunk of the toy cars.

Note, these charms are really small. The toys are meant for kids 4+, but those little charms are little, so they can easily disappear.

They looked for rare charms in the booty trunk, and mixed and matched the charms to suit their car and their style de jour.

Ritzy Rollerz miniature car collectible toy with charms

Ritzy Rollerz miniature car collectible toy with charms

Some of the Rollerz they reviewed were Donut Dani, Helena Heelz, Penelope Paris, Groovy Gabby, Cheery Cherry, Tori Tada and Sofia Serv.

One thing the girls hoped for was some sort of list to check off their charms, perhaps indicate which ones were rare or maybe even ultra rare. My kids love those lists, however as a parent I find they end up all over my house, so I was okay not to have one included.

My house is full of small collectible toys and Ritzy Rollerz fit right in. Anything that can be incorporated in with their other collectible toys are always a hit! The size and personalized accessory-factor is what makes them appealing to my kids.

Ritzy Rollerz miniature car collectible toys

They have already added these in with their other toys, and so far, I haven’t stepped on any charms! They stay nicely in the little booty trunk, so the pieces don’t get lost. I also find that they are easy enough for the girls to change on their own.

My kids are on the verge of switching out toys for electronics, and of course, as a mom, I want them to stay kids for as long as possible. Cute, collectible charms are always a better option over Snapchat and Instagram, so if my kids want to collect all the trinkets and all the charms, I’m in! The longer they stay kids, the better!

Sprinklez on Wheelz playset with Ritzy Rollerz miniature car collectible toys

The Little Bird and Little Mouse also had the opportunity to unbox the Sprinklez on Wheelz Playset a little camper-like toy that the Ritzy Rollerz and their charms can play in. There were more charms included in that set, along with Donut Dani (in an exclusive fashion colour). The kids loved that they could display the charms and store the extra charms inside the drawers of the shop. The little ramp makes sliding the Rollerz fun!

No driver’s license required!


Ritzy Rollerz are available at Toys R Us stores in Canada.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by TOMY Toys. In exchange for this post, I received perks in the form of product. All opinions on this blog are my own.

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