Happy 7th birthday, Little Mouse

To my Little Mouse,

I am so honoured to be your mom. I feel overwhelmed that you are about to celebrate your seventh birthday, and to be quite honest, I’m not really sure how the time has passed so quickly.

My pregnancy with you was a bit easier than with your sister, especially since I could eat whatever I wanted and most of the time that meant French fries and chocolate milk. I am still puzzled that you don’t really like French fries, but love you some chocolate!

From day one you were an early riser, and that holds true today. When the entire house is sleeping, you are up and ready to face the world; singing, playing, reading…eager to wake up your sister and start the day. It is exhausting sometimes, but we are learning that no amount of bribery or threat can stop it. You wake up with a spark that I hope you never lose.

Whenever I speak to your teachers, past or present, or any adult you come into contact with, the one thing they almost always say is that you are always so happy. Your smile is genuine and you always lead with your heart, which is so pure and sincere. You are sensitive and can easily get your feelings hurt, so while we are trying to toughen you up, at the same time I never want you to lose your sweetness.

Just a sample of the colourful artwork we get!

You have a spunk to you, whether it’s being displayed through the clicking of your tongue when you are rapping, or pretending to do a remix of a song; or whether it’s through your facial expressions when I ask you to take a picture. Those expressions usually include your tongue sticking out, or the peace sign up in the air, or your duckface pose. And yes, I capture all those poses and then some, and can’t wait to see your reactions to them when you’re older.

You whole-heartedly, unabashedly laugh out loud when you think something is funny, and it almost always puts a smile on everyone’s face. You love life, and aren’t afraid to let the world know it.

You are willing to share your new toys with your sister and have a delightful imagination.

You live to colour; preferably with markers. Your artwork bin for this school year was full by Christmas, and you continue to bring home piles and piles of pictures and drawings for me, daddy and your sister. Now you’ve started to shower Toby (my sister-in-law’s puppy) with pictures. And we’re not talking one or two pictures, we’re talking two cards, one foam heart craft, and several drawings. You are never short of ideas to show the people in your life how much you love them through your artwork.

2018-02-08 051174514430..jpg
Seven of her favourite things: Emoji headband, Seal (that’s his name), Lego Friends, Mr. Sketch and Crayola scented markers, LOL dolls, 3D Glasses with the lenses popped out and books.

You can get lost in the land of Lego Friends for days. Love to squish playdoh, stack up any small and collectible toy (such as Shopkins, LOL Dolls, Tsum Tsums, Littlest Pet Shop) and think the more, the merrier. And I know it’s not intentional, but you move onto the next thing so quickly, that you often forget where you’ve placed your toys, which results in a few tears and some foot stomping. We know that you will get better at that (or we hope you will) because I have a hard time keeping track of my own things, to have to worry about where your Alice In Wonderland Tsum Tsum is. Lucky for you, your big sister has a great memory.

Speaking of your sister, the love you have for each other makes my heart overflow. I didn’t have this type of sibling relationship, and to see what you two have is so amazing. Please, please always be there for each other; forgive each other; support each other; love each other. Have no expectation and give of yourself fully. Don’t be jealous, don’t keep count and don’t compare. You are two different people and you are what the other one needs. Be each other’s best friends and confidants and always, always remember we love you both so much. Don’t ever let anything or anyone come between you.

My Little Mouse, you are amazing! You are funny and fun, you are silly and gentle, you are giving and compassionate.

Learning to swim

You learned so much in the past year. You can read and I look forward to the day when you are reading me our bedtime story. You can play the piano and I love to see the look on your face when you know you played a song correctly. And you learned how to swim. Where last year you could stay on the edge and not go under the water, you’re now jumping in, swimming around and even learned how to tread water.

So many accomplishments and now you are turning seven.

{cue the tears}

Mommy and daddy love you so very much. You show us that we should enjoy life to the max. That it’s best to face each day with a smile. That expressing yourself loudly and with gusto is always fun and that sometimes you just need lots of kisses and hugs, a good book and cuddly friend to end the day with.

Happy, happy birthday, my baby. I hope all your dreams and wishes come true.


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