Music Monday: Perfect Symphony & Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day on Wednesday. Do you celebrate? Do you help your kids prepare their cards to hand out to their classmates?

For the kids

Last week the kids prepped their cards, and I’m so happy with how they turned out. I decided NOT to do candy/chocolate this year, and found the cutest little kits from Walmart. They come with the card, and a little toy that attaches to the card. There were googly eye rings (I have eyes for you), dinosaur erasers (Valentine, without you I’d be history) and mini skateboards (Valentine, I like the way you roll).

Not only were these kits affordable at $2.48 per pack of 10, but once the card is put away, the kids are left with a little souvenir.


For your love

While D and I typically don’t buy anything for each other, I will pick out (or make him) a card. I love him every day, so I don’t need to go crazy with more items to show him my affection. And quite frankly neither of need any more chocolate in the house.

I think back to our first Valentine’s Day, which was about a month after we met. He took me to dinner, but I still wanted to play it cool, but let him know that I liked him a lot. So, I bought him a chocolate bar. A Bounty bar, to be exact. Because we had discovered that we both loved coconut.

The best part is, he got me the same thing. Great minds think alike, right!?


Whether you celebrate this day or not, I hope you take the time to at least tell those important people in your life that you love them.

And prepare yourself, because the slow jams will be all around you on Wednesday.

In the spirit of love, today’s Music Monday post is Perfect Symphony by Ed Sheeran (with Andrea Bocelli). This song is so beautiful and I could listen to it every day, Valentine’s Day or not.

Happy Monday!


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