Disney2017 – Part 4

Our last and final day at the parks with upon us, and the last 24 hours proved a bit challenging. It turns our GamerBoy didn’t feel well all the day before at Hollywood Studios, but didn’t say anything, and L ended up taking him to the hospital for some medication for a chest infection. D and the Paxter woke up to some sort of stomach bug, which we attributed to them both eating a cream-filled donut from the previous night. And G, who was also fighting a bronchial infection, was drinking Nyquil like it was water. So, that left only the girls still standing.

I decided I was going to say a prayer, and take the girls back to Magic Kingdom on my own. I’ve never even taken the girls to Canada’s Wonderland alone before, but we paid good money for these tickets, and so we decided to move a few fast passes, not go as early and only do what we booked. The girls agreed, and so we prepared for the day ahead while D stayed in bed.

G decided to hop himself up on medication and go with GamerBoy, who also was hopped up on meds, to Animal Kingdom. He also didn’t want to waste his last day at the parks, so L was left behind to take care of a sick Paxter.

We made our way to the park around 10:30, and while we enjoyed a quick drive there, avoiding the early morning traffic we had seen over the past three days, the traffic inside the park was worse! And we parked so far back, I thought the tram would never make it to the entrance.


Of course, because we were later now, the monorail was so full we were directed to take the Ferry! The girls didn’t seem to like it much, and I noticed that it took a lot longer, which meant we were cutting into our first FastPass for The Magic Carpets of Aladdin. I needed a map to find that one, as I realized when we were walking to the left of the castle that we had never been to that side of the park before. Adventureland was a new world to us, and it was nice. (what we saw of it) We got on our ride and the girls had fun. We could see Jasmin and Aladdin posing with guests off to the side, but the line was too long and in the words of the Little Bird, “we met her at Epcot, mommy!”. We promised that the next time we came back to Magic Kingdom we would spend more time in Adventureland.

Since, our next FastPass wasn’t for another hour, it was time to finally indulge in a Dole Whip. I dreamed of having one for so long now, that when I saw that there wasn’t a line up for one, I think I may have squealed out loud. The Little Mouse didn’t look impressed, and I told her that I would get her an ice cream she liked later on, but this was for mommy! I got three spoons, just in case she changed her mind.


When we found a seat and the girls each took a spoon, much to my disappointment surprise, they both loved it. It tasted like Menchies ice cream they said, which isn’t necessarily the truth, but it was delicious. While we enjoyed this much-awaited treat with my girls, we heard some music playing and when we finished up and turned the corner, we realized that Disney’s Festival of Fantasy Parade was underway.

We ran to find a spot, just missing the Princess float with Cinderella, Belle, Tiana, Ana and Elsa. We waved as Rapunzel and Flynn were passing next! We saw floats with Ariel, Peter Pan, Captain Hook and Tinkerbell, Merida, Maleficent as a fire-breathing dragon fighting against Prince Phillip. In between each float, dancers and characters went past, entertaining the girls, as we waved and cried hello! As the Seven Dwarfs passed by, we saw The White Rabbit and Alice in Wonderland come by right after and got to experience a bit of Disney magic.


Alice suddenly noticed the Little Bird’s ears, which were Queen of Heart Mickey ears. She actually came over and curtsied, and called over the White Rabbit, who did the same. While he pointed to her ears, Alice told her that she must finish painting her rose red, or the Queen would be mad at her, and the White Rabbit agreed. They stayed to chat for a couple of minutes, and she was so happy to get hugs from both, even thanked me for letting her wear my ears to the park that day.

The parade ended with Pinocchio, Chip and Dale, Daisy, Donald, Goofy and of course the stars of the show, Mickey and Minnie in a hot-air balloon float! We waved, blew kisses and ended up following the parade toward Main Street to make it to our next FastPass, It’s a Small World again. We loved it and once again the girls asked to go on it again as soon as we got off.


Seeing as the line was long again, I suggested we go on something else that they loved. It was our last day, so I asked them what they wanted to go on one more time, and they unanimously yelled “Little Mermaid!” So, that’s exactly what we did! We rode Under the Sea – the Journey of the Little Mermaid again, singing at the top of our lungs!

While making a pit-stop at the restrooms, I noticed a lineup forming and asked the cast member what it was for, and apparently, Gaston was on his way to meet some guests, so we jumped in the line. When it was our turn, he so nonchalantly asked the Little Bird what was on her head, and she said Mickey ears, but he asked her why it was so random with the playing cards, the rose, the hearts? I told her to tell him it was for one of the best villains – aside from Gaston of course. She told him it was the Queen of Hearts and he said to her, “well, that’s nice, but I’m hardly a villain.” He then said, “I’m drop dead gorgeous, is what I am”. I asked the Little Mouse, “is he?” to which she shook her head no. He didn’t like that answer and said that she just didn’t understand yet, because she was just a little girl. He was so great. The girls took a picture and then he said “Your mom thinks I am gorgeous, watch, she wants to be in our picture too!” How could I resist that invitation!?

Following our meeting with Gaston, we had a treat of some popcorn and a popsicle, before getting some more magical pictures taken in front of Maurice’s cottage before we headed inside for Belle’s Enchanted Storytime. The girls loved this the last time we went, but didn’t want to volunteer to be a character. This time, it was the Little Bird who wanted to be in it, and sure enough she was very enthusiastic when they asked for volunteers and she was chosen to be Mrs. Potts. The Little Mouse was a bit disappointed, because she wanted a character ‘with a face’ vs just a dancing plate, so she decided to stay with me for the story.

I find the pictures in there very challenging, as the lighting is very dark, but Belle was wonderful and the Little Bird had a fantastic time playing Mrs. Potts and pouring Belle a cup of tea.

Once again, we ended our trip with seeing Belle’s Enchanted Storytime, as we did three years ago, and I asked the girls if there was anything else they wanted to do before saying goodbye to Magic Kingdom for the last time. They said no, and wanted to get home.


We did one last pit stop at the gift shop, where they had already decided on buying a baby stuffed Marie (from The Aristocats) and baby stuffed Dumbo before hopping on the tram to get all the way back to the car. The girls asked us to take some pictures waving goodbye to the park and then pretending to cry, which was so cute. We left the park and made it back to the house with plenty of time for them to play in pool again.

We heard that G and GamerBoy had fun at Animal Kingdom too, but headed back early to have some time by the pool.

D and the Paxter were feeling better by the morning and we all spent the day splashing in the pool and relaxing before packing up to head home the following morning.

Overall it was a great trip. We got to visit the parks we wanted to, go on tons of rides (some multiple times) and meet and greet with so many more Princesses and characters! It was so much fun. The girls have stated over and over since we’ve been back that they wished we could go back to Florida again. Could be because it’s been so cold here, but I think mainly because we did have a great family vacation. Sicknesses aside, even G, L and the boys had a blast.

Although I’m not 100% sure that the Paxter has yet to forgive me for booking Soarin’!



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