The Little Bird & The Little Mouse

The Little Mouse & The Little Bird

From the very moment my Little Bird was shown to me in the hospital, my husband and I said that she had my nose. As time has gone on, everyone says that she looks like a mini-me. When our Little Mouse was born, she looked exactly like my husband. So when we go out, we always hear how one looks like me and one looks like him.

My husband and I are the complete opposite, but opposites attract, right?! So as our kids get bigger, it’s amazing to me how different they are. So don’t let the looks fool you, because the Little Bird has my husband’s personality, with just a tad bit of little loudness thrown in from me. She is neat, organized, and a worrier – even at five years old. She is thorough and detailed and compassionate, shy and specific about how and why she does things. When she was in daycare, I remember one of her teachers telling us that she wished that she had a classroom full of kids like her, because not only did she clean up, but she liked to clean up. And not just pick it all up and throw it just anywhere, she made sure that like items were placed together, and in the bin in which they actually belonged.

We, of course, loved that. She rarely gave us a hard time about cleaning up and liked to organize her things just so. However this also has its downside. If a bear or stuffed animal is out of place on her bed, she notices. And when it’s three o’clock in the morning, well let’s just say I don’t really care to organize stuffies at that time.

She is friendly, but shy. She takes more time to warm up to you than some kids. For some reason, she hesitates before doing something, whether it be trying something in swim class, or participating in some fun, but will sometimes change her mind when she realizes that she will miss out on the fun. I don’t get her hesitation, but I understand that she needs to assess a situation, and I try not to pressure her. I do feel strongly that I don’t want her to miss out on the fun, and try to encourage, rather than pressure, and I hope she knows that. She is funny, crafty and has a great memory. She loves to sing…as long as you’re not paying attention!

The Little Mouse is her own little creature. She’s a lot more carefree. It’s hard to know all the aspects of her personality, as she’s only two, but she’s definitely not too concerned over clean-up, organization and details. Clean up time is often a battle, but we’re working on it. She is sensitive, caring and funny, often dancing for no reason, or giving hugs and kisses to us, her sister or even babies and stuffed animals. She smiles pretty much all the time.

She can be sneaky at times, isn’t afraid to say no, even when told to do something (like stop throwing her books/toys). She wants to do everything her sister does, but isn’t as good of an eater. We didn’t have a picky eater the first time, and so we were thrown for a loop when the Little Mouse refused to eat what was on her plate. She seems to go with the flow, enjoys the water and seems to have no fear! Did I mention she’s a lot like me, but with a a little bit of a quiet side, like her dad? She also loves chocolate! I mean, LOVES it!

I love their differences and I love that they are complete opposites. My hope is they will take those parts from each other that they need. My hope is that they lean on each other and love each other and defend each other. I don’t have a sister, so I don’t know that special bond that most girls I know describe about their sister.  I pray that no matter what they fight about (because I’m not disillusioned enough to think that they won’t fight), I hope they make up quickly, forgive easily and stick up for one another. Always.

My Little Mouse and my Little Bird fill our hearts with so much love and so much happiness, and no matter what personality traits they have or don’t have, they are our greatest gifts.

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