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Last week, my sister-in-law came by with her youngest, who we lovingly refer to as The Paxter. My husband’s youngest nephew is quite a character. He is full of emotion, expression, energy….and talks like an old man! He makes me laugh. So when he comes in, I notice that he has back pack on. He’s just turned four, so he’s not in school yet. While I am curious of the contents of this bag, my kids greeted him instantly and they were off to the playroom.

While the grown-ups were catching up, I hear this loud thumping noise, and before I could ask what that was, he appeared, squatting on the floor, in head-to-toe costume. He was Venom (from the Spiderman movies).

Ah! So that’s what was in the back pack!

About ten minutes later, he changed again, into some other superhero costume. And then again shortly after that. In their 45 minute visit, he changed a total of four times!

My girls are always playing dress-up; princesses and Minnie Mouse, Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood, mommies and teachers. The possibilities and combinations are endless. We have a box full of costumes and I love to hear the clickity-clack of those play shoes coming down the hall to see what dresses they paired with which hats, which purses are on their arm, and how many colourful strands of plastic jewels they can pile onto their fingers, wrists and necks. I think the Little Bird even came out shopping with me once dressed in her Rapunzel costume. I remember everyone got a kick out of it at the store. When The Paxter’s older brother, GamerBoy, was about four, he pretty much lived in his Batman costume, day and night. He used to leap off the bottom step, shoot imaginary webs and pretend he was climbing the walls.

Here is The Paxter in his Batman costume from the weekend.

Paxter Batman

Most kids go through that phase. It’s great for their imagination. It’s great to develop creativity and self-esteem. They can be whatever they want, whenever they want. If only we can do that once in a while as adults! People would be in a much better mood. Imagine driving down the road and seeing The Hulk and Cinderella in the car beside you!?

Do your kids dress up? What are their favourite costumes?

If you could dress up, what costume would you pick?

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  1. I think it’s because as adults we don’t have to imagine anymore…we just know we’re princesses 😉 Kidding! But, I do look forward to Halloween…the only socially acceptable time of year where an adult can walk around in public in a costume.

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