These thumbs are not green!

Growing up, my mom used to have plants all over the house. She could revive a dying plant, sprout a new one from a single leave…she was definitely born with two green thumbs.

I wasn’t.

When my husband and I bought our house, I had grandiose dreams of building a vegetable garden, enjoying fresh tomatoes and cucumbers and more. Then we moved in. And that dream went away.

Who was I kidding?!

I don’t have green thumb! I have managed to kill every single plant in my house except for one. I have one lonely bamboo stick. It’s two other mates that it came with have long since shriveled up and died. I’m sure it’s bad luck to have only one stick, but I’m not touching it. It’s the only plant that has survived. And it will remain, as is until it finally decides to go to the green-gods. I accept that I can’t take care of plants, and move on with my life.


Last year, we finally cleaned up the walkways between my house and my neighbours’ house and put nice, easily-maintainable concrete! But I needed some sort of front-of-house appeal. It can’t all be non-porous materials, right!? So we created a little bed and planted a few perennials.

Sadly, I actually do know a little about plants and their needs, due to my eight years of retail experience from my part-time job at White Rose Crafts & Nurseries. I knew that if we were investing in plants, my money should be on perennials. I am happy to report that those have returned this year!


Yay! I didn’t kill them!

I have three planters, to do with as I please, and here’s where I get to have the kids help me pick out pretty flowers and plant some colourful annuals.

Then, I hope for the best…I mean… I water them.

On a side note, I would like to thank my mom for helping me clean up that little bed of plants. My ankle still isn’t fully healed, so I’ve been procrastinating on that job. Thanks mom! As always, you’re a huge help!

 So fingers crossed my perennials do well again this year, that I remember to water the yet-to-be-purchased flowers and my bamboo hangs in there. My hands are better suited to typing, than planting!

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