Top 10 favourite theatre shows


A couple weeks ago, I wrote a top 10 list of the books I actually liked from those we were forced to read in high school. So I got the idea of another list, when I saw a television commercial that Les Misérables was coming back to the theatre, here in Toronto. I never saw that play when it did a long stint here years ago and it got me thinking about those shows I did see. Here are my favourite top 10 shows:

  1. Blood Brothers – starring David Cassidy

  2. Tony and Tina’s Wedding – an interactive theatre show where the audience is part of the show

  3. Mamma Mia – starring Camilla Scott

  4. Rocky Horror Picture Show – sing-a-long show (so much fun!)

  5. The Phantom of the Opera – (I saw it twice, once in high school and once after)

  6. The Producers – starring Sean Cullen

  7. Hairspray – starring Vanessa Olivarez

  8. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – starring Donny Osmond!

  9. Rock of Ages – the music rocks! (yes, pun intended)

  10. Rent – starring many of the original Broadway cast (I also saw this twice, but it was better the first time)

There is one show that I saw that is my only mention on the worst show list and that’s Cats. To be fair, I saw it on a short run, when it came to Toronto in the winter of 2002. In fact, the show, which was a gift to my mother for Christmas, was on the exact same day as the men’s hockey finale (Canada vs. U.S.A.) in the Salt Lake City Olympics. A man sitting behind me in the theatre actually listened to the game during the show! So while I’m sure the show had it’s good moments, I didn’t enjoy it. I guess my mind was elsewhere.

Which shows do you hold dear to your heart? Is there one you wish you never saw?

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