Waiting to exhale

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We exhale for many reasons, beyond necessity. And in my house, it seems to be in different ways and for different purposes.

The Little Mouse does it as reaction of wonderment. When she sees something she likes or recognizes one of her favourite things, she makes a small puff of breath out, sort of like a statement of approval. It’s cute and I find myself doing the same thing once in a while.

The Little Bird exhales mainly due to frustration. If she doesn’t know a word in a book she is trying to read, or she can’t do something in a game. Her release is a quick, forcefull noise, alerting all of us that there is a problem.

My husband has his own style. He exhales mainly due to stress and pressure. Sometimes he makes a sound, like the Little Bird, but sometimes it’s a slow and drawn-out sigh. It’s funny how I have found how similar they are in their reactions to things.

And mine are mostly related to exhaustion. Breathing slow and deliberate, to try to let some of the stresses of the day go and try and relax. Usually at the end of the day, unless I’m trying hard not to get upset about something, than all bets are off.

I know it seems silly to analyze these sounds. But it made me laugh to realize that in our house alone, we do this a lot. And each of us does them for different reasons and at different times.

What little quirks do you notice that your family does?


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