Seven Nation Army

The unofficial anthem of the Italian national soccer team is Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. Used when the team walked onto the pitch for their World Cup win in 2006 and Euro 2008 and 2012, the popular riff is not only catchy, but I can see how it can be used to pump a team up.

The story of how it came to be started in 2003 when players of Belgium soccer club heard the song in a bar in Milan and started to play it during their matches. After Francesco Totti heard the song following a Belgium goal, he couldn’t get the song out of his head. He went out and bought an album. Following that, Roma’s fans embraced the song and it quickly spread through the Italian league.

After the World Cup win in 2006, it became the Azzurri’s song, and Italians have adapted the lyrics to include “po po po po po po po” for that catchy riff.

It has since spanned across many clubs, many countries and even many sports. If you look it up on YouTube, (Seven Nation Army Italy), you will find many tribute videos for World Cup 2006, some even including po-po-po, in the title!

No matter if you hum it or sing it the Italian way, that riff won’t leave your head once you hear it!

Have a great day!


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