Stay with Me

I’ve taken a liking to Sam Smith. His song Stay with Me is all over the radio, but I thought I’d take a listen to his album In the Lonely Hour and I’m a fan.

Of the whole album!

It is undeniable that this 22 year old Brit’s can sing. And he brings a feeling of old-school soul to the album. The songs have good rhythm and beat, even if most teeter on the edge of melancholy. I’m all for a good gut-wrenching song or two, but after reading through many reviews, some of Smith’s fans seem to think he took it too far.

Each of those reviews speaks of his undeniable talent, that voice and how successful he was with his debut on Disclosure’s Latch.

While I won’t hang my hat on reviews, I read them and thank them for their opinion. I would rather make my own decision. And I know what I like and In the Lonely Hour will be making it into my regular rotation.

In case you haven’t heard Stay with Me, here you go. Happy Monday!


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