Endless Richie

It all started last weekend. I was trying to decide if I was going to go to bed early or not, when I saw that Lionel Richie was going to be on Oprah’s Master Class. I decided to stay up and watch it.

From the time I was a little girl, I loved Lionel Richie. My mom played a lot of music and the Commodores was among that music. When I was 8, he released his solo album and that played on regular rotation. I think it’s safe to say that 1983’s Can’t Slow Down was my favourite, and I have memories of dancing to All Night Long (All Night) with my mother around the living room. This continued until 1986 when he released Dancing on the Ceiling. I remember the video and I remember all my friends liked to dance to that song.

Combine Richie’s music with my mother’s love of Kenny Rogers and Diana Ross, and I will let you guess how often she played Lady and Endless Love. I even picked the latter as my wedding song. And even though I was eight years old, I held that pick for many years, until eventually changing my mind. I still love that song, though.

Even though he took a break in his career for a while, by the time he released an album again in the late 90’s, I was sort of busy loving dance music. But I did buy The Definitive Collection and it has been within close reach ever since.

So here I was, watching Richie on Master Class and a commercial comes on announcing that he’s touring again!


I was just thinking that I’d love to see him in concert. I know every word to every song! And I still love it all. (I bought tickets the next day! And I’m taking my mom, of course)

As if there couldn’t be any more signs, last night I read that he was being honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award, so I tuned in to watch. While BET spelled his name wrong, he was amazing. They paid tribute to him by highlighting his career and his music. John Legend sang Hello and Still, Yolanda Adams performed Brick House and Ledisi took everyone’s breath away, including Richie’s, when she belted out Jesus is Love.

Richie accepted his award and then took to the stage, singing Easy and All Night Long. He was amazing. And I knew that I had a hard task of choosing a song for today’s Music Monday. So after much consideration, I decided, I HAD to go with Endless Love. I chose the version from the album Tuskegee, featuring Shania Twain.

Enjoy, and happy Monday!


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