Dr. Seuss at the dinner table

This is a post of gratitude. One of thanks to the teacher or daycare worker or parent who came up with the following saying, that literally saves my life on a daily basis.

Okay, maybe just my sanity.

This saying ends the madness over the pink versus the purple cup, or the blue versus the green bowl.

You get what you get, and you don’t get upset!

Thank you wonderful person for coming up with the one saying that makes my kids learn that it’s really not important what colour the plate is, only that there is food in it.

It’s so amazing how just saying those words, in the middle of them yelling, “I want the orange bowl, no I do!” or “I want the red vitamin, and I want purple!” makes all okay with the world again.

Recently, I stumbled across a couple others that seem to be working. And while I totally think I thought of these on my own, I could be absolutely ripping somebody off, so if I am – I’m sorry.

But thank you, none-the-less.

The first comes when, say the Little Mouse is struggling to put her shoe on and inevitably starts to cry. Or the Little Bird is trying to do up a button and can’t quite get it, so she bursts into tears.

We try to tell them all they need to do is ask, that tears are not necessary, however maybe those are too many words for them to hear over the sobbing, so now I just say this; You have to try. Not cry.

It doesn’t quite have that je ne sais quoi as the get what you get, saying, but it’s starting to sink in a bit.

And the newest one stemmed from the numerous times D and I have to tell our kids to sit in their seats at dinner. And sit still. Why is this such a difficult concept? They end up moving around so much during dinner, that half of it ends up on the floor.


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Do you know how much we hate trying to pick up rice, or peas or beans, or anything off the floor, the chair, everywhere? It is impossible! They are so wiggly; they end up with more dinner stuck to their bottoms than what starts out on their plates. Or they end up eating at a 45 degree angle from their plates, it’s a wonder they get the food in their mouth at all!

So this little ditty came out of my mouth yesterday and I’ve started to cross-stitch it! I’m even thinking of having it framed over the kitchen table. Actually, I just might even personalize the napkins and placemats to remind them to sit straight and eat over your plate!

It’s good, right?!

Feel free to use it. If your dinnertime is anything like ours, you’re going to need it.


Do you have any sayings or phrases you repeatedly use with your kids to end the madness? I’d love to hear them. Leave a comment with your best one.

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