Life throws curveballs.

Sometimes it’s a big one and usually unexpected. And when you’re six years old, it’s hard to handle.

That’s what happened on Tuesday, on the Little Bird’s first day of school. Even though I tried my best to prepare her for the fact that she may not be in the same class as her friends, she wasn’t really prepared for that to be true.

According to, the definition of adaptable is as follows:


[uhdap-tuh-buh l] Spell Syllables


  1. capable of being adapted.


  1. able to adjust oneself readily to different conditions:

“an adaptable person”.



I think I can say that I’m pretty impressed with my little girl and her ability to be adaptable. Not only did she bounce home saying that she had a great day, she also said she made new friends and played with her old friends at recess.

I never underestimated her, I just felt horrible that she wasn’t fully prepared not to have her buddies with her. And to see her crying and upset; scared about meeting new people as we stood amidst the chaos in the school yard, didn’t help matters.

To top it off, she has also moved up rooms in the Before and After School program, so again she is away from some of the younger friends she had. She showed me her ability to go with the flow and seemed to love her new environment as I saw when I picked her up yesterday.



She puts a smile on my face every day and the fact that she is enjoying her new class, her new friends and has found a way to make it work and have it all, makes me well-up with pride.

Knock ‘em dead, Little Bird! You’re going to have a fantastic year!

4 thoughts on “Adaptable

  1. First day’s are so hard (for both parent and child!). My son starts school fulltime next week (he’s almost 5) and like you, I worry how he will adapt. I’m sure he’ll be fine, but as a parent you just want your children to be happy. I guess it’s something all of us mothers have to go through… Letting our little ones take that leap into the unknown. Wishing you and your daughter all the luck 🙂

    1. Bring your sunglasses, because if you’re anything like me, you’ll cry. But don’t let him see you. Just keep smiling…
      In all seriousness, he will be fine. Just as my daughter will be. It’s hard to remove the protective wrapping, but when we do, they do adapt and amaze you.
      Best of luck next week. And thank you for the well wishes.

      1. Haha! I’ll come equipped with sunglasses, tissues and a BIG ‘everything is okay’ smile.

        You’re right, he will be fine. The kids are more resilient than the parents sometimes!

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