Tiny Inspiration

My kids like to bring a toy with them to hold in the car when we go out. And the mornings are no exception. The Little Mouse especially loves to have something to give a big hug and kiss to before going into the daycare.

And so every morning, said toy gets left in my car.

This morning, that toy was Tiny Might.


Tiny Might


She is Dyna Might Lalaloopsy’s little sister, for those not on the up-and-up with their Lalaloopsy trivia.

Both Tiny and Dyna Might were sewn from a Hero’s Cape. They both have capes, masks and boots.

According to Lalaloopsyland wikia, Tiny’s name is based off her somewhat tiny stature – and her unwavering might!

She’s my hero today…and my inspiration! I’m putting on my mask and pulling up my boots, so lookout world. Here I come!


I hope your day is a mighty one!

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