Pop Danthology 2014: Music Monday

My Music Monday posts are probably some of my favourite blog posts that I write and share every week. I love to find that connection between music and my life and tell my story, or my memory around it and share it with all of my readers.

So I put a little pressure on myself to find the right song to wrap of the year.

And I think that I have found the perfect video for you to enjoy!

Here is Pop Danthology 2014 by Daniel Kim. He’s a Canadian DJ and artist, based out of British Columbia who has been mixing songs for these annual mashups since 2012. They are amazing. You can watch The Making of the Pop Danthology 2014 here, but I encourage you to watch the actual video first.

It’s amazing. And you’ll recognize more than a few songs that I’ve featured over this past year on my Music Monday posts.

Wishing you a swinging New Year, full of music and life!

Happy Monday.

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