Baby steps

It’s here.

Kindergarten registration is upon us and that means we are THATMUCH closer to the Little Mouse going to school.

{Moment of silence as I weep that my baby is growing up}


Okay, I’m over it!


I knew the day was coming. I had gathered all my required paperwork and I was ready!

I got to the school, filled out all the paperwork and just like that, she’s registered for the 2015/2016 school year. The Principal and Secretary asked me if I was going to cry, which of course I am!

But not until the first day of school.

And that’s still 8 months away.

The Little Mouse seems excited to go to her sister’s school too. She has already advised me that she wants a Frozen backpack, to which the Little Bird then informed me she does too. And a pencil case for both.

I can already see how school shopping is going to go this year. Disney better have their act together and have more merchandise available this year. I’m not going through what I went through last year.

However, I digress….

Let’s get through this year. Let’s get her writing her name on her own, which she’s almost there. Let’s enjoy the summer and then we can address about how mommy is going to bawl like a baby as I drop her off for her first day of JK.

Until then, I will hold onto the last 29 days of her being three year’s old. I will hold onto her snuggles and her moments of needing me. It’s already starting that she doesn’t need me to help her do much of anything, except eat her dinner for some reason. And without sounding too cliché, it really does seem like yesterday when I held her for the first time.


LittleMouse foot
The Little Mouse, 8 days old



Suddenly she is a big girl who can do everything on her own and she doesn’t need me. And while a part of me is proud she is so fiercely independent, part of me knows that this is just the beginning.

The Little Bird has already started telling the Little Mouse how it is at school. How she will have to play in the little playground until she is in grade one, and then they can play together in the big playground. How she has to listen to her teacher and learn to zip her own jacket. How she should be kind to her friends and teacher and warned her about getting into trouble.

When I ask the Little Bird if she will look out for her little sister, there is no hesitation and the answer is always yes. She even said she could play with her in the before-and-after-school program, which is very generous of her to offer.

They are going to be great. Individually and together.

And while I try to make light of this huge monumental moment in our lives; the importance of growing up isn’t lost on me either.

I love those two little people and cherish all my moments with them.


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