Happy 4th birthday, Little Mouse!


My birthday wish for you….

My Little Mouse.

You keep me on my toes, challenge me in ways your big sister never did. Where she was more easy going, you fight us; such as at dinner time and when it was time to clean up. You would be perfectly content with rice and chocolate for dinner every day, maybe even pasta and a hot dog once in a while. You’re not too adventurous in trying new things and are the first to say “I don’t want that,” even if what I made wasn’t for you. You like to cover your bases. Tidy up time translates to “hide under the kitchen table” time. You could care less where things go or why they need to be put away.

I know daddy is reading this and saying you got that from me. I just know it.

I want to wish you a very happy birthday!

I want you to be curious, adventurous and spunky always. I want you to sing out loud and love your sister and express yourself like only you can. Enjoy your day with your friends, your chocolate cake and your presents. Enjoy your party on the weekend and I hope all your wishes come true!

Love you always and forever!


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