Soap Opera Sisters


Do you ever have a moment when you look at your kids and realize that they are bigger? Really look at them and see that they are turning into little people, that they shed the baby away and there’s no turning back?

Yeah, so that happened to me the other day.

Don’t get me wrong, I have realized for some time now that my babies are no longer, well babies. They have been able to clearly articulate their opinions, thoughts and views on everything from the food I cook to the movies we are going to watch for a long time now. I proudly hear them give me examples about rules of the road, how somebody looks and what matters in life all the time.

They are regular philosophers.

But let me tell you when you look at them and it sort of slaps you on the face that they are growing up, it just about brings tears to my eyes. I notice it more when I hear them play together.

My girls love to play together now. (I say now, because up until Christmas, the Little Mouse was “still a baby” and couldn’t seem to understand sharing and role playing). And then she seemed to get it and they play together all the time.

And 83% of the time, it goes off without a hitch.

They play friends at school, they play house and they play soap opera – that’s what I call it, when they are making up a situation that they have to save each other from. Just another day in Port Charles or Genoa City.

Just the other day I could hear them playing with their dolls, and they talk to each other in this adult-like tone and solve problems together, make decisions together and save each other from near disasters. Then they’ll stuff all the dolls they can into Barbie’s Corvette and Barbie’s Fiat, respectively, and drive it around like Marty McFly flew into 1955.

Every once in a while the Little Mouse would lose it because she couldn’t change the outfit of a Monster High doll, but I listened to the Little Bird help her little sister. Or I heard the Little Bird start to complain that the shoes were not going on, and the Little Mouse offered to bring them to me for help.

And it continues from soap opera plays to live concert performances, complete with two Elsa costumes, two Elsa crowns and two pairs of Elsa gloves. The Little Bird offered to get their necklaces and the Little Mouse will share her rings. They take turns putting on a show and singing at the top of their lungs. When that’s perfected, mommy gets to watch it.

I love that they will take turns singing and pass the microphone back and forth. Fits of giggles and hugs and even some The Next Step worthy dance moves are incorporated.

It’s amazing.

Moments later they are taking off the costumes to run back and hang mini Lalaloopsy dolls from my kitchen cabinets and carefully fill sticker books together.

I know my girls are growing up, and I hope they grow this bond they seem to be developing. I hope it turns into a true friendship and the 83% continues to build to 100%, minus potential arguments about clothes, shoes and the car. They are two individuals and need to find their place in the world. And I’m realizing this is happening a lot faster than I thought it would, but I find comfort in knowing they will find it together.

Yes my Little Bird and my Little Mouse are growing up. It is a thought that is equally the most frightening and most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

They are the Young and the Restless and D and I have to just accept that these are the Days of our Lives.

And at 4 and almost 7 years old, something tells me I’m only just beginning.

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