Adjust – part 2


Adjust [uhjuhst]

verb (used with object)

  1. to change (something) so that it fits, corresponds, or conforms; adapt; accommodate:

to adjust expenses to income.

  1. to put in good working order; regulate; bring to a proper state or position:

to adjust an instrument.

  1. to settle or bring to a satisfactory state, so that parties are agreed in the result

to adjust our differences.

The definition of adjust is to change (something) so that it fits, corresponds, or conforms; adapts; accommodates. Well, sometimes in life, that takes time.

No, you’re not seeing things. This is how my post started yesterday. I thought I would continue on the theme of adjusting and explain a little about why I haven’t been around here much lately.

It’s not that I don’t want to write; or think about pretty much every single day, it’s just that I decided after almost six years at my place of employment, to find a new job.

While I needed a change; a new challenge, I didn’t realize how much it would impact my life.

I learned a long time ago, that humans are creatures of habit. We like to sit in the same GO Train seat, get on the same subway car, even eat the same thing on Taco Tuesday. So for the past five years and 10 months, I’ve gotten up at the same time, brought my kids to school/daycare and gotten to work at 8:00 a.m.

Then I did my job. I did it well, I would like to add. And went home at 4:00 p.m., in an easy commute home to make dinner at a reasonable hour for my small children and went on with my life, getting them to after school activities, such as karate and swimming.

Well, I guess I’m not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.

Now I’m waking up earlier, which means waking the kids up earlier. They are not really big fans of waking up early on weekdays. Only on the weekends, it seems. I drop them off earlier at school and make my way to work. I still like coming in at 8:00 a.m., so I can get myself sorted for the day, but I don’t leave until 4:30 p.m.

Since I’m in a different location, I have highway traffic to deal with, major city construction and I’m not getting home at my usual descent hour anymore. It’s a rush to get dinner cooked and eaten, so we can then rush off to the above said activities.

Then it’s back home, rush to get things organized for the next day. Most days I try to prepare the kids’ lunches for the next day, so I can eliminate one thing to do in the morning. Some days, I’m too tired.

I know, I probably sound like a brat. Whining about rushing around with my kids, when I know full well that there are moms and dads who do that on a daily basis, and they work longer hours and farther from home than me.

But this is my world that has changed, and it’s really taking some time to adjust to it all.

By the time I get the kids to bed, and sit on the couch, I’m honestly not in the mood to do anything. I don’t want to write, I don’t want to clean, and sometimes, I don’t want to talk.

I can see that my kids are tired, don’t really like all the rushing and running around. I don’t get to cook anything too complicated or time consuming, since we are usually on the clock three days a week, so it’s been quick and easy meals.

One positive is that I’ve started experimenting with my slow cooker. It’s time that I get an extra set of hands, and having dinner ready when you get home has been great. I just need to find some more recipes.

The truth of the matter is that I am happy for the change. I was looking for a new challenge, and boy did I get one. The new job is going great and now it’s just a matter of everyone getting used to the new normal.

It will take time, I’m aware of this. But I guess I’ve just never been much of a patient person.

Do you have any tips to surviving the chaos? Any great slow cooker recipes?

I’d love to hear them!


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