Music Monday: Perfect Illusion

Lady Gaga.

Uttering her name will elicit one of two responses:

“Love her!” Or,

“Ugh. She’s too much.”

I find there really isn’t an in between with her. You’re a Little Monster, or not.

Yes, she is an acquired taste, pushing the envelope and all that, but I think that die-hard Madonna fans would describe her in the same light. And I am one of those fans, growing up and watching Madonna do things or act in a certain way, solely for the fact that she could.

And I’m sure that Gaga does the same thing. Take that meat dress for example. That’s something people still talk about. But being outspoken and eccentric is part of what propels artists like this to superstar status.

But the most outspoken and eccentric people still have to have talent. And this is something I think Gaga has. I do believe that she can sing. I think she has the chops to hold her own, and she has the ability to connect with so many fans.

So think of her what you will, but she has proven, after four albums and a Golden Globe, she isn’t going anywhere. She is here to stand for the LGBT community, National equality, and more. Her Born This Way Foundation tackles youth issues, such as anti-bullying and self-confidence.

I love what she stands for, how she unapologetically pushes the envelope and encourages her fans to do the same. Her latest album, Joanne  is said to be more soul-searching and darker than her past albums. And while I am a huge fan of her more pop-tunes, the first release Perfect Illusion doesn’t disappoint.

I’ve already added the album to my playlist and it’s great. One that will be on repeat for a while.

What are your thoughts of Lady Gaga? Do you love her? Have you already bought her new album? I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Monday!



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