Music Monday: The One Moment

Today’s Music Monday post is for a band I have never heard of, who has music I have never listened to. The reason I am sharing it, is two-fold.

I think it’s great to always expand your horizons and open your mind to listening to new things. You never know what and where it can bring you…

And the second reason is that this video The One Moment by OK Go is making headlines. It premiered on Facebook last Wednesday and uses 4.2 seconds of eye-popping colour. The video has broken records, being the shortest amount of footage filmed for a music video.

You are probably wondering how a music video can be 4.2 seconds, well it’s actually 4:12, but what they did with that original footage is slow-it down by 20,000 percent. The slow motion video is incredible and shows a total of 325 distinct events, that include lots of colour, paint, exploding things and crashing walls.

Honestly, it’s worth a look.

Also worth a look is their “treadmill video” for Here it Goes Again and Upside Down & Inside Out, which was filmed in an airplane travelling at zero gravity above Russia. Pretty cool!

Happy Monday!

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