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I wouldn’t categorize myself a fashionista by any means. My style veers towards classic pieces, but I also sometimes stay too long in the mommy-comfort-safe zone. That isn’t to say that I live in yoga pants and leggings – or that there’s anything wrong with that!

I would, if I could, trust me. However, my corporate job doesn’t allow for that.

I can come to work in jeans, so I visit the right side of my closet with the dress pants, much less than I used to. In fact, I have been at this job for nine-plus months, and have yet to wear a skirt or dress. I use the commute on the subway as my excuse. Have you ever seen the wind gust that is created when a subway rushes by you? I’d rather not expose the underground to my underwear, thankyouverymuch.

I have also stopped caring about fancy shoes. This does not mean, in anyway shape or form, that I don’t have way too many shoes. Because just ask D and he’ll tell you I have way too many. They are mostly the same: flat, black and comfortable. I have decided in my old age, that the heels are not for me. After falling down the stairs years ago and tearing two ligaments, I can’t stand in them for a long time anyway. So why bother?! There are plenty of cute, flat shoes a girl can wear.

Purses and jewelry are another story. They always fit, no matter when, no matter what. So yes, I also have way too much of both than I care to admit.

Both of my girls have a clear fashion sense of their own. The Little Bird has always known what she likes and doesn’t like, and rarely leaves the house without an arm full of bracelets and her hair on point. The Little Mouse is a little less intense, however knows what she wants to wear, and rarely lets us pick out her outfit.

D has figured out a clever way to help them feel like they are picking their outfit by laying out three choices for them, that we deem appropriate for the occasion/temperature and they are usually good with picking from those three. This way there is no fight, they are not trying to pick a sundress for a New Year’s party, and if we need to compromise or change things up, we seem very accommodating. Clever, right?!

Ahh, the joys of parenting!

But it’s the Little Bird who is really forging her own style. She knows what she wants to wear, and has started expressing herself through her clothing and accessory choices. Whether it be the above mentioned armful of bracelets, or her hipster hat and biker boots, she knows what looks good on her. And isn’t afraid to tell me what she thinks looks good on me.

Last year, I brought the girls with me as I went dress shopping for a wedding I had in the Summer. The lady at the boutique found it amusing that they both had very strong opinions on what I should and shouldn’t pick. They both seemed to gravitate towards anything short and sparkly. I picked a long dress, that looked like a skirt and top. “No, mommy!”

I told them I was trying it on. You can’t make a judgement of what it looks like on the hanger and you have to see what it looks like on your body.

After trying it on, they both stood there staring at me, and I felt like I was waiting for Stacy and Clinton to critique me on What Not to Wear. They liked it. And I loved it. In fact, that became the dress to beat, and we turned down all the others, even the short, sparkly ones they picked out.

Since then, it seems that they – the Little Bird mostly, is never short on an opinion or two about my outfit, accessories or shoes.

Add sparkle! (Because to an 8-year-old, you really can’t have too much sparkle)

Wear high heels instead!

You should wear that top!

Your purse looks like you are going on a safari! (in reference to a brown Roots cross body)

You should paint your nails this colour!

Don’t forget to put on your eyelashes (in reference to me putting on mascara)

Yes, she is never short of an opinion, and I’m okay with that. I want her to feel comfortable telling me what she thinks. Maybe I do need to add more sparkle. Maybe I should wear a different top, and paint my nails! I should always keep my mind open.

Whatever I do, I know that my girls will have my back and I will have theirs. I will make them try on the dress, because judging it from the hanger doesn’t always work. And I will teach them that no amount of jewels or sparkles or pink will change the person they are on the inside. That their personality and confidence is the most beautiful thing they can put on. Anytime of the year!

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