Egg-cited about Easter

It’s Easter weekend, and I am looking forward to hanging out with my family all weekend. However Easter celebrations aren’t what they used to be.

I didn’t decorate, or make coloured eggs or do any crafts with the girls this year. Last year we were soaking up the sun in Orlando, Florida, and it didn’t feel like Easter at all splashing around in the pool.


Splashing in the pool last Easter


And while I think I have failed in the crafty department, my kids are still looking forward to the Easter bunny visiting our house. And there is no #momfail in the chocolate department in this hood!

I know the Little Mouse is 7 and the Little Bird is almost 10, but they still believe. I thought for sure it would be over by now. I am hanging on for dear life that they believe a while longer. At Christmas, I think I held my breath for the entire season, waiting for the shoe to drop and the Little Bird to exclaim that she knows the truth.

But it didn’t happen. Smiles were bigger than ever on Christmas morning, and the magic lives on.

Last year, as I mentioned we went to Florida. And we told the kids that the Easter bunny wouldn’t be able to come visit us there, as he wouldn’t know where we were. So while they were disappointed, they were pretty distracted by Disney World and Mickey Mouse.

However, when we walked in the door a week later, they were super excited to discover that the Easter Bunny had stopped by to leave some treats for them.

And while there was no major egg hunt, he had left some big eggs around the house for them to find when we got home.

In reality, this mom hid eggs around the house at 3 am while D had the kids in the car ready to go to the airport on the day of our departure.


The Little Bird and The Little Mouse, Easter 2013


Yesterday at dinner, they were talking about the Easter bunny and that they hoped that since we didn’t go away this year, there would be a “real Easter egg hunt” this year.

Not sure what they mean by real, since last year’s was real — real simple as it was three o’clock in the morning! Give a mom a break!

But I can take a hint, and will stuff all the plastic eggs full of chocolate and candy and hide them so good it could take them 14 minutes to find them all, vs 7 minutes! (My house isn’t that big, give me a break)

At the end of the day it is about the magic. About knowing my kids still believe. I will try not to count the minutes until that bubble bursts. I will try to enjoy the moment and relish in their excitement for as long as possible.


Easter basket from the past; dyed eggs turned into chicks


But I’m curious, at what age did you stop believing in the magic? Was it Santa, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy that spoiled it for the rest of them?

For me, it was actually Santa. My mom spoiled it, purely by accident. I was shopping with her one day and remember her buying a big yellow Tonka truck for my brother. On Christmas morning, he opened it yelling, “Look what Santa got me!” and I remember thinking back to that day shopping with her and was about to say, “No he didn’t! Mommy bought that!” but she saw my reaction and clapped her hand over my mouth. I stared at her in disbelief and from that moment Christmas was different.

Not bad, just different.

I don’t even think we ever spoke about it until I was an adult. And when I asked her about that moment, she said that she wasn’t thinking when she bought the truck, and then assumed that I knew it was her.

I was about 8 or 9 years old.

Which is why I feel like at every holiday, or moment a tooth falls out, the other shoe is going to drop. That their friends at school, especially the ones with older siblings, would discuss it at school and reveal the truth.

But so far, so good.

Wishing you, and your bunnies a Happy Easter!


Do your kids still believe in magic? Are you Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny? Are there any other magical traditions your kids believe in? I’d love to hear about them.

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