This is how you survive when your school mornings start at 6am

(This post first appeared on the Kitchen Stuff Plus website, on August 8, 2018.  Be sure to check out the original post here and follow the hyperlinks to learn more about the products I used to get us organized for school.)


Get up! Wash up! Eat up! Get out!

This is our school morning shuffle; and it’s not for the faint of heart.

As a working mom, I commute downtown from the ‘burbs, and that means an early rise – for myself and the kids! I wake them up at 6:10am on a school day, and like it or not, the race begins.

Organization is key; if not vital.

I need things laid out and ready to go. All hands on deck are necessary to help us all get out the door as quickly and painlessly as possible. So I hit up my favourite place Kitchen Stuff Plus to look for items that could help me and the girls get organized for back to school.

Heading into grade 2 and grade 5, my girls may not be happy at 6am, but they are used to the routine; wash up, get dressed and do their hair. As they are getting older, have their own sense of style, which means lots of accessories.


The InterDesign Clarity 2-Drawer Cosmetic Organizers are the perfect way to store all their headbands, elastics, clips and more, making it easier for them to do different hairstyles themselves.

Accessible snacks


Once the girls are ready, I finish preparing their lunches, while they eat breakfast. But they have started helping out with their snacks, so making those accessible for them in my pantry is key! The InterDesign Linus Fridge Large Deep Binz is perfect to keep our assortment of snacks for them to choose from in the mornings.

Homework station


Getting out the door once breakfast is finished and lunches are packed can be a bit of a challenge, especially when they need to hand in homework assignments, permission forms, etc. Not to mention all the art masterpieces they bring home, along with notes and forms. (They need to go somewhere!) When I saw the KSP Softstor ‘5 Drawer’ and ‘3 Drawer’ Fabric Cabinets with Wood Top and I knew right away it would give everything its place.

Both my daughters have their own drawer for homework and artwork. We can store art and school supplies so there is no searching for a pencil or markers or glue when they have an assignment to complete. It will help me stay organized to keep all permission forms and school communications and forms in one place. Our new homework station will help us easily get out the door without that last minute panic of “Mom! Where’s my homework?!”

Organized lunches


If you want the best selection of lunch gear, KSP is the place to go! I picked up the Sistema Klip It To Go bento boxes. Lunches will be better organized and they fit a ton of stuff! We also got new water bottles, thermos for those hot lunches and a new lunch bag!

With school just around the corner, the girls are enjoying sleeping in while they can. I’m happy to be organized and set up for what should be smooth and easy mornings!

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