Get Medieval for a fun family activity during the holiday break


The presents have been opened, and cabin fever may be starting to set in. Are you looking for a fun family activity to do during the holiday break? Medieval Times is a fun experience that is great for the whole family!

Knights, castles, flacons and horses are what come to mind when you think of Medieval Times. Throw in epic battles and delicious food, and it’s the perfect family activity to do during the holiday break.

Medieval Times dinner and tournament horses and knights

What to expect

Located in Toronto, Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament is set in medieval Spain, where Queen Maria Isabella welcomes you to be a part of her royal court.

After entering the castle, we are given our knights’ colour, which also tells us where we are sitting, and which knight to cheer for!

There is lots to do before the show, as they open the doors an hour before seating. You can take your picture with royalty, visit the horses, the Hall of Arms (a medieval torture museum) and of course, the washrooms and the gift shop!

When seating is open, your royal colours are called and we sit at a long, banquet table, where on a first-come basis. Your crown and cheering banner awaits you and the servers do a great job in pumping you up to cheer for your knight, and boo the opponents.

We were in the Black & White section. And our knight was sure to fierce and bold. We donned our black and white crowns and waved our flags proudly to cheer on our knight.

The menu

The royal feast consists of garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, sweet, buttered corn and roasted potato. Oh, and since this is 11th century Spain, cutlery isn’t an option. You eat it all with your hands!

The portions are big! So trust me when I say, no prince or princess, will go hungry! Vegetarian meals are also available. The meal is capped off with the dessert of the Castle (we got ice cream), as well as coffee and two rounds of water or pop. There is a bar for those wishing for more spirited drinks!

The show

The action is non-stop! It really is fun for the whole family! The Queen announces her court, the six Knights who will compete for her honour and the fun gets underway!

There are fierce competitions, jousting on horses and fighting! Only the most courageous and bravest knight wins! It’s so much fun to cheer and wave your banner for your knight. And boo the opposition. After each competition, the knight that wins, comes back out to give flowers to to the crowd. My Little Bird was lucky enough to get one from our knight!


The horses are incredible. Not only hold their own in battle, but are so graceful for the crowd and the Queen. And the falcon is a show highlight -(although I may have almost ducked under the table for how close he flies above the crowd).

The weapons are fierce and scary looking and the sound of clashing metal and splintering wood just sends the crowd into a bigger frenzy!

As the show goes on, the competition gets more dangerous. And the crowd only gets louder! In the end, only one winner is declared and show is complete!

Medieval Times is a two-hour dinner and tournament has non-stop action. It’s exciting and fun and the perfect family activity to do during the holiday break. Click here to buy tickets. There are various packages and show times available. Parking is not included with your tickets, but the lot is conveniently located beside the castle.

So, while the kids are playing with new toys, I’ve already heard “I’m bored” a couple times. This would make for a great family outing and a fun way to insert some fun during the holiday break.


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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but as always, the opinions expressed on my blog are my own.

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