On this day 7 years ago…

On this day, seven years ago I was getting ready for my appointment at the hospital. Nerves were high, mostly due to a combination of fear and excitement. The day was here. D and I were going to be parents. I packed a small suitcase, with everything that was ever put on a “hospital bag” … More On this day 7 years ago…

Flowers, Cake, Family & Courage

What a weekend! While I often wish I had (a few) extra days after a weekend; going back to work after a long weekend is really hard. Especially, when the weekend was so amazing! Flowers… Saturday was Valentine’s day, and we spent most of it tackling the set-up of our new spare bedroom-slash-office, I also … More Flowers, Cake, Family & Courage

Happy 4th birthday, Little Mouse!

My birthday wish for you…. My Little Mouse. You keep me on my toes, challenge me in ways your big sister never did. Where she was more easy going, you fight us; such as at dinner time and when it was time to clean up. You would be perfectly content with rice and chocolate for … More Happy 4th birthday, Little Mouse!

Four years ago today

Four years ago today I was packing a bag for the hospital. I went to get my nails and toes done. I had a bath and tried to get everyone ready, the Little Bird included, that a little baby would be joining our family the next day. The bag was smaller this time around, as … More Four years ago today

Uptown Funk: Music Monday

Welcome to the week of the Little Mouse! She turns four on Wednesday, and as I try to simultaneously wipe the tears from my eyes and shake my head about how we got here already, I’m actually very excited to reach this milestone. The three’s killed us. This Little Mouse, or Skunk – as I … More Uptown Funk: Music Monday