The other day my husband pointed out a phone booth; a rare sight, nowadays. The Little Bird asked what it was, and D explained that there was a time when not everyone had a cell phone, or that even there was a time where those didn’t exist. After the shock and awe of such a … More #socialmom

168 hours

168 hours. It has been 168 hours since my phone died. I have no access to contacts, messages or pictures. My phone decided to enter the vortex of restarting itself last Thursday and hasn’t really stopped. We’ve tried to recover the pictures. A friend of mine has tried to reboot it. We even put it … More 168 hours

Website me!

I have a new follower! My mom confessed today that she is reading my blog. {Hi Mom!} While I have read both my parents a blog post here or there, they haven’t read all of it. So the fact that she’s reading it, on my brother and sister-in-law’s iPad no less, makes me proud of … More Website me!